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At 11:35pm on January 13, 2011, Shepdog said…

Hahhahaa, we stuffed the ballot box too. Bah, what is Slime Mold in the face of audacious Corgi! ;) Gosh, yeah, I don't have a use for it, I do have a bag -- actually I got it for Christmas, and now I just got a D300 this week to go with it. World's heaviest camera. If I get trapped in the wilds I'll be able to huck it at a cougar or something. You know, it's too bad that they don't have a raffle for rescue at the local Corgi get togethers... we had one at our Cardigan show not too long ago, kinda neat! :D I know they do one for Corgi Aid too - an online raffle, I think? Sam might know!

Hmm, I know about about the local rescues, and that's what I'd think too! CPWCC is pretty darn good at getting in there and getting involved when they're needed. :) I have someone on my side here that's pretty heavily involved with the CPWCC, would you like me to ask her? The other option is maybe selling it on Craigslist and donating the proceeds? I don't know if that might work better?

At 4:51pm on December 30, 2010, RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp said…

I'm pretty sure I saw Haley's Allegro "Al"  on Carrie's FaceBook page in her photos with Al's picture.

My head spins after I have read some of this stuff...I have to go through and kinda disect the information.  It is still confusing, it gives my old brain a real work out.  You are so right about the pedigrees of our dogs is different than human pedigrees.

Yes, Vinnie is uncle to Riley and Maggie.  I have seen the name Haley's Dante...I'll go back and look again.

I will check on the names Joyce Gilpin and Cheri Helsdon.   That'll keep me busy for a while :)

Have you joined FaceBook yet?   It's free...I'm very careful what info I put out there when I'm using my FB account!   I have family (daughter-in-law and granddaughters on FB), we keep in touch through FB.   Lots of Corgi lovers as FB friends, it's fun to see all the photos.

At 12:50pm on December 30, 2010, RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp said…

Al is Gwynnie's nephew (so it's Aunt Gwynnie ?).   Didn't Al come from Carrie Hale?   I think Carrie Hale's kennel is Haleys out of Bellevue, Wash.   Ch. Timberside Vine Maple "Vinnie" (not sure where he is now) if I have it right sired pups for Carrie Hale.   Vinnie is brother to Folly (Riley's mother)  and Birdie (Maggie's Mother).  Vinnie is/was Co-owned by Carrie Hale/Hoedwig.   Vinnie, Folly and Birdie are out of Ch. Aberlee Bransby x Timberside Cracklin Rosie.  


Haley's Juris Allegro "Al"...(Carrie Hale's PWC Kennel is Haleys).   Do you have anymore info on Gwynnie?   Did you receive a ancestrial chart with your pups?   I'm wondering if Al and Gwynnie could have come out of Ch. Vine Maple "Vinnie" .   Who was there Mother ?


Sometime when you have an extra minute Google Timberside Pembroke Welsh Corgis.   Kelly Knuteson (owner) has several champions.  "Clooney" is a champion who lives in China.


I find this stuff very to see pictures of pups and their sibs, etc.

At 5:33pm on December 29, 2010, RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp said…
Riley and Maggie May are cousins...their moms were sisters and they share the same grandmother (Westbourne Cracklin Rosie).   More than likely this had everything to do with the similarities.  Your pups look quite a bit alike, too.  Riley and Maggie might share some genes with your pups...Vinnie was a Timberside pup.   Were either Gwynnie or Al out of Vinnie?
At 1:22am on December 29, 2010, Natalie & Stanley said…

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  Stanley enjoyed turning 3 months old and I enjoyed turning...many more than 3 months old :)


I hope the holidays are treating you, Al, Gwynn and all of your family well!

At 2:13pm on December 22, 2010, Carol Rea said…

The first week he had his wheels, he tried to go down our driveway, greater than 6%, he got going too fast and had to go off into the dirt on the side like a runaway truck ramp!


Actually, Bobbie sent a pattern for skis for carts, unfortunately, Lucky's cart has wheels that slant in and so the skis won't work.  Too bad, I think it would be fun to take him out cross country!  Don't know what we would do with Sonny - maybe hook up something with our son's snowboard!  HAHAHA or...we could put both dogs on the snowboard, I know Jeremy would not mind

At 12:21pm on December 20, 2010, Ann B., Scout and Summer said…

Good ideas, John!  I used to be an astronomy buff, when I owned a telescope, in my youth.  Star names are great.  In fact, Al could be Aldeberan!  As for Welsh, BBC has a website (Google under "Welsh Pronunciation" and I think you will find it), where you can listen to Welsh being spoken.  It does sound like something from another planet!  We are going to see the pups again tomorrow, and hopefully, pick one out (or maybe one will pick US, like Scout did)!  I hope Scout will deal with this ok--when we took him out there, he loved playing with the Dad, but the pups scared him!!!

At 8:01pm on December 18, 2010, Ann B., Scout and Summer said…


We are finally getting a pup!  Kathleen Mallery's DM clear male sired a litter born 10/28.  They are all carriers, as the Mom is at risk.  Of course, we will have ours spayed/neutered.  I don't know yet if we will get a male or female, but most are black-headed tris.  My question:  I am trying to think of Welsh names for our pup, and I wondered if Al and Gwynnie are their full names, or if there is more to the names.  Lots of Welsh names have the "Gwynn" prefix.  Welsh is such a strange language!  I did come across a great boy name:  Cadwgan, it is pronounced ca DOO gan!

At 2:34pm on October 13, 2010, RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp gave John Wolff a gift
At 1:32pm on October 8, 2010, Ann B., Scout and Summer said…
Scout does have arthritis in his front legs. He had to have surgery on both front legs when he was 1 yr old--due to the growth plates on one bone in each leg closing prematurely, and the other bones bowing. Vet had to break the bones and let them heal and find their own "place"--poor Scout was stuck in a crate for 8 weeks (legs were not casted). Vet said this could have been caused by trauma, and Scout was one wild and crazy pup. We noticed the legs bowing at about 8 mos., but one vet told us everything was fine, not to worry--corgis have little bent legs! I blame him for us not correcting the problem sooner! Anyway, Scout loves hiking, but can't seem to go more than a couple miles before slowing down and not wanting to walk anymore. We do have a rx for anti-inflammatory that we give him prn. Last weekend, we took Scout to "See Spot Walk" a fund-raiser for ID Humane Society--it was just one mile walk in downtown Boise (3,000 dogs)! Scout told us one mile was enough--but of course, this was all on cement, and my knees told me enough, too! By the way, Scout turned 8 yesterday. I know that he is AT-RISK for DM--K. Mallery has had most of her dogs tested, and we know that Scout's mom and dad were at risk. She has had some "wheeled" corgis, so knows first-hand what the disease is like. Maybe you will meet her at the seminar--she is an interesting lady, very strong personality. I don't talk to her about politics--LOL. Enjoy the seminar!
At 1:53pm on October 6, 2010, Ann B., Scout and Summer said…
John, I had remembered that you were a lab tech--that's why I sent you the info on the DM seminar. Yes, our corgis do look similar! Mine, however, isn't as tough as yours! (Hiking, that is)! We are still waiting for a new pup--Kathleen Mallery is trying to get a litter sired from her DM clear male, but so far, no luck! He's still very young, though.
At 4:13pm on October 01, 2010, Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) gave John Wolff a gift
At 11:11pm on July 29, 2010, Wendt Worth Corgi's gave John Wolff a gift
A gift for a gifted individual and his 2 how you take gifted is up to you! hehe
At 6:58pm on March 24, 2010, LaVerne & Shirley said…
Thank you so much for the compliments on my photos. That means a LOT coming from a photographer such as yourself. I am also thrilled that you think my dogs look enough like Al and Gwynn that they could be related. I admire your dogs on a regular basis. By the way...your photo of Rainbow Bridge brings tears to my eyes every time. Such a perfect shot. I got LaVerne from a breeder in Onalaska and I got Shirley from heartbarx in Ellensburg.
At 1:57pm on February 09, 2010, RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp gave John Wolff a gift
Al and Gwynnie...Good job. A "Big Mac" is in order.
At 1:45am on February 7, 2010, Alice said…
You did a good job! It's so wierd to see Finn with his eye color switched. My favorite blue merle Cardigan is Demi of Cornerstone Cardigans:

She has the blue eye on the blue side like that. Now he looks even more like her. :)

Maybe you need to add a Cardi to your family. They do have wonderful ears and tails.
At 6:51pm on October 16, 2009, Theresa Holland said…
Maple Leaf dont know where that is but we are game to meet and let the kids play.maybe there is somewhere in between someday.
At 4:03pm on October 14, 2009, Jill Andrews said…
That would have been Tag! Yes, we love Carrie's dogs, too. A friend on Vashon has one of Tag's nephews. Tag loved music, and used to run to sit under the piano when I played. The nephew sings with his master when he practices his tenor solos. Any of your musical?
Our dog's mom is Ginny, owned by Heather Wardell, maybe co-owned by Carrie. Carrie facilitated the "adoption." He is a gem!!! Maybe he'll hike next summer with his dad.
At 2:35am on September 13, 2009, Sarah said…
That's great that you live near Green Lake - I'm jealous! Joshua and I go up there for walks with a friend every now and then, but we live down in Kent so it's not convenient enough to go regularly. Are you a member of the local corgi meet-up group? I just saw today that they're planning another Green Lake walk on Halloween, with all the corgis in costumes! This I've gotta see - we'll definitely be there. :)
At 7:07pm on September 1, 2009, LaVerne & Shirley said…
Hi John
LaVerne and Shirley are from different breeders. Both LaVernes parents are red headed tris. Shirley's mom is red headed and her dad is black headed. It has been fun watching them change.Its all new to me having never been around Corgis before. I noticed Shirley's head is changing color much more quickly than LaVernes did.
Thank you so much for the compliments on my dogs. It means alot coming from someone with such beautiful Corgis. I admire them and your pictures so much. I really do think you need to publish a coffee table book of your photos. I will be watching Costco for it!!!!

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