Robyn's Videos (22)

  • Corgi crocodile

    Corgi crocodile

    Found this at a friends yard sale & had to get it for my fur kids lmao never thought it would b… Robyn Oct 8, 2011 116 views

  • Corgis chasing RC Truck

    Corgis chasing RC Truck

    Lowlow & Torque chasing the e-savage. **no it didn't run her over, she was just on the other si… Robyn Jul 26, 2011 100 views

  • Recycling corgis

    Recycling corgis

    Having trouble getting your recycling to fit in a trash bag? Try breaking in down the corgi way! Robyn Jun 20, 2011 67 views

  • Bath Toy

    Bath Toy

    Found a bath toy in the yard. so i cleaned it & gave it to the girls. i am AMAZED that it has b… Robyn Jun 20, 2011 35 views

  • Corgi spin out & frapping

    Corgi spin out & frapping

    Lowlow & torque playing in the backyard. & as usual lowlow is in the lead & torque uses… Robyn Apr 14, 2011 100 views

  • Corgi burnout!

    Corgi burnout!

    Never fails both torque & lowlow always end up sliding & then running in place lol Robyn Apr 12, 2011 182 views

  • Tall Grass, Short Corgi

    Tall Grass, Short Corgi

    i just think it is too funny to watch lowrider disappear into the grass & then pop back up out… Robyn Apr 5, 2011 114 views

  • Corgi Corn 2!

    Corgi Corn 2!

    lowrider eating corn on the cob haha **i never left her unsupervised with it** Robyn Mar 30, 2011 104 views

  • Corn Corgis!

    Corn Corgis!

    i had the bright idea to see how the girls would react to eating corn on the cob, obviously i ate t… Robyn Mar 30, 2011 77 views

  • Lowlow learns new trick

    Lowlow learns new trick

    she got it down in 5 minutes, the first time teaching her this! lowlow is my little genius! Robyn Feb 9, 2011 90 views

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