Aj's Videos (22)

  • Got Baroo?

    Got Baroo? 01:06

    Ein watching videos on mycorgi. Aj Aug 20, 2009 282 views

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry 01:48

    In conjunction to my blog titled "Ein and Washu are friends now?" Aj Jul 14, 2009 134 views

  • Is this Reverse Sneezing?

    Is this Reverse Sneezing? 01:13

    Is this reverse sneezing? (He also actually sneezed about 5 seconds in.) Aj May 30, 2009 368 views

  • Frap after Bath

    Frap after Bath 0:15

    I got my camera out to catch the last bit of Ein's frapping after his bath. Aj Feb 6, 2009 216 views

  • Silly Ein Rolling Around

    Silly Ein Rolling Around 0:54

    Ein rolling around playing with his leather squeak toy while making silly noises. Aj Jan 21, 2009 148 views

  • Ein vs RC car

    Ein vs RC car 02:34

    Warning: There will be barking after 1 min. 15 sec. Aj Jan 15, 2009 201 views

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