What is the one thing your Corgi does that makes you very angry!

Cheez-it has a thing for tree-roots. There is a single tree in our normal potty-spot that has roots exposed above ground and he cannot help himself but to stop and chew them. Sometimes seperating a root and chewing it so it appears he is eating something. At night when I cant particularly tell what he is doing and it seems that he is just eating things off the ground (mabye poop, who knows) and he refuses to stop until I come over and pick him up because no manner of slight tugs on the leash will stop him.... Oh it drives me insane. He also gets real nasty when I pick him up as if to say "What are you doing? Cant you see I was busy there?" with a growly smirk on his face. I literally get angry lol. How about your pooch?

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If I just let him be during the day, he'll usually go back and eat. He just wants to be near his humans. That's been my experience, anyway.
Mochi is not a Dog, She's a beaver. It's it made of Wood She'll chew on it. Including but not limited too: Table legs, Chair Legs, Gates, Baseboard, Patio door frame, ect. We will find these wood shavings around outside and then notice chew marks everywhere on the patio door frame. Its driving me crazy. And we've been spraying everything with the bitter apple, but i think the effect of it must wear off because she will begin chewing the wood again in a couple of weeks.

She is also a sock and underwear stealer...
I love my dog, but...the things that annoy me are; when he tries to eat his own poop!, fenway never seems to go to the potty in the same spot he walks around the whole yard and poops and pees wherever, never in the same spot!, also our little munchkin will not eat his food unless we (mom and dad) sit with him! I think he's a bit spoiled :)
When Lucy refuses to be picked up. Whether it been to be taken outside, put on a leash, into her cage or to just be held. She just doesn't feel like it and lets me know it. It drives me crazy!
if my bf doesnt get up bright and early she jumps off the bed, runs around it barking and whinning until he gets up. she doesnt even want to go outside, she just wants him out of the bed so she can cuddle with me. haha. it drives me nuts...because somedays he doesnt get up at 5 for work.
Aerion runs off with either clothes out of the dirty laundry or the kid's stuffed animals. We have to sneak up to him and act like it doesn't bother us........he watches our every move. The horrible thing about the clothes is it's usually my underwear or bras *YIKES*.................and yes he gets into the cat poop as well
I guess my 'pet' peeve is the holes that Lily has dug in her kennel. It is not a small kennel. Plenty of room. She might be mad at us though. Two weeks she got out of the yard completely, we had been letting her have the run of the yard and only going into the kennel for bedtime. But since the escape, we have not let her out because we cannot find out where she escaped from. We have an idea, but I am so paranoid now about her getting out. Luckily she was not hurt, but she came very close to being hit by a car. I am glad that she had her tags on, the person called the vet and they in turn called us. (We had run an errand or else I would have noticed her gone.) So, the holes have started. She is also stubborn. We let her out to run and play when we are in the yard, but when I call her to me, she thinks it is time to go back in the kennel and refuses to come to me. But alas, I fool her and pretend I do not want her to come to me, which always makes her come to get attention. Anyhow, I guess those two things are what bother me most about Lily.
You just described my nightmare situation. We only have SIdney out in the yard when someone is keeping an eye on him, even though we have dig-proofed our fenceline. A few years ago we had a beautiful husky/lab mix that dug out and she was hit and killed by a car while I was at work. It was a terrible call to receive, but the worst part was telling my kids when I picked them up from school. Better safe than sorry, I guess. I'm so glad Lily is OK!
Thanks :) I am so glad that she is okay also! I am usually paranoid about this, but unfortunately I let my guard down that day. I am much more careful now, to her displeasure. She loves to run the yard. She also loves to chase the frogs that get into the little pond we have. I shudder to think what she will do when the tadpoles grow (which will be very soon) LOL
I'm going to change your question a little bit, James. "What does your Corgi do that makes you very angry at yourself?"

Pull on the leash - Oh, how I kick myself for not taking the time and energy to teach him how to walk politely on a leash when he only weighed 10 lbs. I used a flexi lead too! HAHAHA Hopefully, by the time we're both old and grey, he'll walk nicely on a leash next to my walker!

Dance on my feet - When he was little it was so cute for him to dance on my feet with enthusiasm and want to play. Now that he's grown, arghhhh, especially when it's rainy, muddy and wet! and now that I have the time, I'm working on getting him to back up, before I toss the ball or throw a toy.

Jump up on people - Need I repeat myself? It really was cute!! But now 36 lbs of muscle landing on thighs in mid flight? Not so cute. We're working on that, too. Nothing happens until he sits (and not on my shoes, either!)

Barking in my face - I've always thought he was a very quiet corgi until, I said the word "no". If I say "no", he immediately lets me know he's not pleased, by barking back. First time this happened I was startled. But, since I'm smarter than a corgi (depends on the day), I now use "no" as a speak command! See, I am smarter than the dog! LOL

So my final words to help anyone who gets angry at their corgi. Pick up that rolled up newspaper and use it to beat yourself on the head three times, saying "I will not encourage bad behaviors, I will not encourage bad behaviors, I will not encourage bad behaviors." Now, go and prove that you are smarter than a corgi!!!! LOL
LOL I love that post, Sylvia. I share that philosophy. Dogs are never inconsistent at being dogs. Trainers on the other hand are an entirely different matter! No matter what Charlie does, it's always my fault. : - )
Thanks Chris,
I really feel that our dogs are reflections of our strengths and frustrations within ourselves. A mirror of where we were and are now. (Too philosophical for me!!!), I'm going to try and go for a walk with Timmy now. We may not go far but we'll certainly be funny to watch!! LOL


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