What was your total cost for spaying your corgi?

I have a private vet who is charging ~$280 total (includes pain meds, bloodwork, everything) to spay my 8-month old corgi. Sticker shock!

How much did it cost to get your corgi spayed? Was the cost just the spaying cost? Were there other costs associated? What was the total cost that you ended up paying?

How do you feel about getting a pet spayed at a university veterinary clinic?

It's been about 15 years since I had a pet spayed...and then the cost was ~$80.

Thanks in advance!!

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I have never paid more than $100 for the entire cost of a spay/neuter. I don't know about different parts of the country, though..
Funny we were talking about this last nite at obed classes. Have a student who was told 400.00 by one vet clinic -- and 240.00 by another -- what a differance. NY vets charge alot to spay/neuter pets. I would love to find 100.00....think that would be a deal!
$380 i was a little shocked too.
Here in southern Oregon,at the clinic I take my pets to,its $91. to spay a 25lb dog.
I think i spent around 400 somthing total... wow now i feel like i've over paid but they did a great job and the pain meds to take home were included. It kinda broke the bank..
$280 is totally crazy! What part of Texas are you from? (I'm in Austin.) My regular vet is at $80 for neuter. Spay may be a little more because the surgery is a bit more complex. I have referred a few friends who are on a limited budget to a non-profit organization here that charges $50/neuter and $60/spay. They ask for an additional $10 donation for pain killer, but will give the dog pain medication whether you donate the extra or not.

I think a University Vet Clinic (especially Tx A&M..the best in the country, IMO) is a fine idea.

Might be worth you driving to Austin...even with gasoline at almost $4/gallon. LOL
I live in College Station for the time being but will be moving to Houston shortly. The university clinic charges $130 - $200 which includes the hospitalization, anesthia and the procedure. It does not include pain medication nor any bloodwork.

I just spoke to the private vet and they'll charge me the puppy rate ($190.00) since she has not had her first heat cycle. Hopefully she won't go into heat between now and next Thursday - when do corgis have their first heat cycle?

Anyhow, the spay includes: exam to make sure she is healthy, diagnostic bloodwork, preanesthetic exam, IV catheter and fluids, anesthesia, pre-surgery/post surgery stuff, and a 3-day pain medication supply.
When I was volunteering with our local SPCA to train the shelter dogs, they told me that A&M vet students and vets drove in one day a week and did all the spay/neuters and took care of other medical problems. I know they would be a safe way to go.

The "extras" (diagnostics and stuff) probably shouldn't be necessary for a puppy, but would be good peace of mind.

Spaying is a relatively easy surgery. I'm sure you've read everyone's story about the hardest part being keeping the puppy from too much energy/activity afterward. They bounce right back! You're pup will do great, either way you go.
I have not had him neutered yet, but it I asked about it because I am having it done as soon as he can and they quoted me 230 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
To neuter Triley cost about $260, but that included his microchip (which they put in at the same time) and a tooth removal (which they pulled while he was under, without asking us first...). It was a bit pricey, but we do live in Washington, DC, which is pretty pricey in general...
I payed $137.50 to have a 47 lb Corgi spayed. That's Canadian dollars and I think about a month ago, the Canadian dollar was probably more than the US. So it should be even cheaper in the US.
At the Vet's here, they charge by the dog's weight and by the amount of anesthetic involved. There were no other charges. So I know that a smaller Corgi would be less. I would be looking for another vet, even if you had to travel to another community to have it done. I definitely would take it to a teaching vet clinic. At anything "teaching" you get better care than at a non-teaching. There are a lot of people observing and they are very particular about everything.
I'll be taking Banzai to the Humane Society: Spay & Neuter clinic here in town. Dogs are somewhere between 70-100 dollars to get fixed.

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