What was your total cost for spaying your corgi?

I have a private vet who is charging ~$280 total (includes pain meds, bloodwork, everything) to spay my 8-month old corgi. Sticker shock!

How much did it cost to get your corgi spayed? Was the cost just the spaying cost? Were there other costs associated? What was the total cost that you ended up paying?

How do you feel about getting a pet spayed at a university veterinary clinic?

It's been about 15 years since I had a pet spayed...and then the cost was ~$80.

Thanks in advance!!

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We paid $60 for the procedure and $35 for the chip. I took Max to the SPCA. They had liscensed vets with awsome references from friends. My vet wanted to charge me $295 - $350 depending on want they ended up doing during the procedure. Everything turned out just fine with Max. They even completed all the paperwork for registering his chip.
I got Reese Spayed at the SPCA and it was $40 and $10 for pain med injection. SPCA does many of them everyday so I thought they should be okay. She's recovering just fine!
The cost to spay Camber, who's 6 years old, cost us $469.70. We bought pet insurance through the ASPCA and were only reimbursed $80 (after paying the deductible). Why? Well, they will reimburse according to what they think is a "reasonable cost" of a spay. We were told (after the paperwork had gone in) that for our area, Boston, the "reasonable cost" is $260 or so. Yeah. We lost quite a bit. I was a bit disappointed, but what are you going to do? Essentially, before we have Cam undergo any procedure, we will call the ASPCA first, see what they're "reasonable cost" is, and try to work with our vet on costs.
$170 here in the midwest! That's for EVERYTHING. Last set of vaccines.....heartworm test....medications for heartworm/fleas.....the neuter....and pain meds. This is a private vet.
Did it yesterday...grand total $254
Let's see. To spay Freya it will be $100 plus a possible $38 for anesthesia if the Vet feels the normal route may be too hard on the pup, $48 for the chip, I think $28 for tests, and $15 per baby tooth still hanging out. It's crazy. Oh and an additional $17 for pain meds.
I just took Pooka in today. $95 for spay, $65 for microchip, $20 for pain injection, $13 for take home pain meds. If I had gotten her a blood panel it would've been another $57.
We just paid 110 at a clinic in Philadelphia for Talula to be spayed and got 90 of it back from VPI pet insurance!
ein was supposed to be neutered today but i postponed his appointment since he had a tummy ache on monday. his vet was going to charge $280 including blood work and pain meds. It was $199 for just the procedure since he's under 30 lbs. my sis told me about a different vet which she took her mini-dachshund to be spayed. they only charged $60! i called to get an estimate and they told me that it would be $70 (without the pain meds!) so about $90 or so. now that's a horse of a different color! i'm gonna call them back and see if they can do that pre-test regarding anestisia tolerance.
What vet was this? You can also call man & beast and get a coupon that some vets take that lowers the neutering price to about $15. I paid $70 to get my 9 year old JRT spayed without the pain meds so it also cost me about $90.
Gibson ended up being $365 or so, yikes!
I paid over $300 to spay Ofelia. What I didn't know before and what a lot of people don't realize is there are low-cost clinics, both stationary and mobile, to help with the costs. Some of them serve only low-income and disadvantaged pet owners - others serve everyone. You have to look around for them. You can also call Spay USA - can't think of the number right now but I'm sure you can look it up on google - and they can let you know where to find low-cost spay/neuter.

When I got Ofie spayed I definitely qualified for low-cost or subsidized spay/neuter. But I just didn't know about that kind of thing.


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