What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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Her full name is Zoe, Queen of Treats. We call her Zoe mostly but there's also Fuzz Face, Furball, Little Stinker, Baaaaby, etc.
Our corgis were always CorgiMonsters!, named after Cookie Monster on Sesame St.! Real names were/are Duchess, Betsy and now, Betsy again, because she reminded us of our dear, whacky little Betsy who is now at the bridge.
My corgis Holly & Amber's nick names are Dumpling & Pumpkin Paws. Sometimes I call them Puddin & Pie. Also have a fur ball cat we call Princess fluffybutt or Poopytail.
Corgi: Willie
Willie- bear, bear, wil-bur, scaredy cat, cutie, fat boy
My dog's name is Liberty. We named her that because we got her on the forth of July. We usually call her Libby for short. She does have many other nicknames: Libby-do, doggie-do, pouchie, poo-poo,poo-poo-face, poo-poo-face-dog. We have used bunny-butt too!
Our corgi is Sophie Tucker (named after the vaudeville performer -- "the last of the red hot mamas") but her nicknames include Honey Bunny, Nut Dog, Peanut, Skimbles, and Wigglesworth. Her name was Agnes when we got her from rescue; that was my mom's middle name and she hated it so we thought it was a sign from Mom that we had to adopt her and change her name.
I forgot to add to my post earlier but "Bob Barker" has been a favorite lately when he likes to let us know he wants our undying attention.
I named my corgi Aspen; I was trying to give her name a fall theme and ended up with Aspen like the tree. :D
Vienna is such a cute name. :)
We've only had Isabella for 5 days and already she's Bella, Little Bunny Butt, Poopy and Woofles!
We had a corgi Bailey and we have Barney now - it used to be mrs and mr 'b' for the both of them,
For Barney its Barn, little guy, my son (lol), fatty mc fatfat, watermelon, baby guy.
some people refer to him as a walking coffee table though lol
my corgi is named teddy me and my husband call him

ted bear, food monster, big head, fuzz butt, bunny butt, cheese(since he loves it so much lol) goofy. fatty. butthead. waddles, nubbs, and little piggy =) i always call him my little teddy bear and sing a song to him to get him excited:

"hmmm ted bear, ted bear o my little teddy bear!"
We named our PWC Houdini when we adopted him, cause when we were filling our his papers, he kept slipping out of his collar and ending up on the other side of the adoption tent.

I call him Houdi most of the time. My mom calls him Zucchini. I also call him monkey, Houdi Hoo, and bunny butt.


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