Mocha is the Jedi master in the house, his force is strong and not a whole lot of things in life can rattle him. His only nemesis is the Darth "blender".

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Ruby has it out for crows, or maybe she thinks they are after her. But she goes crazy barking at them
As totally cliche as this is.....Henry really, really, really hates the vacuum!
Rosie absolutely hates the vacuum too! She will bark at it while chasing it and she will also bite at it. George must of thought he needed to save his sister from the evil vacuum so he chewed the cord off and killed it. Thank goodness it wasn't plugged in.
How did u get Mocha to become Jedi Master??
Faye needs some serious Jedi training.
Roxi's mortal enemy, like most dogs... is the evil vacuum of death!

everything else she tries to grab and tug on lol.
When Pistol was about 6 months old...his evil nemises (is that plural?) were leaves!!! omg, it was so'd kick leaves and he'd go nuts
I'll second the enemy leaves. In the fall when Baxter would be going potty and leaves would blow by, he'd stop whatever he was doing to try and tackle them. He is still obsessed with "killing" leaves.
Actually, Dundee is the funniest! When Patti gets his food bowl he does the the most hysterical dance! He jumps and turns around and around in circles. Just the simple view of the food bowl being picked up off the floor sends him into tizzy fits!
Redirecting a corgis reaction to noises is really quite easy. A very good idea too as sometimes when they experience such an excitement level they also offer bad behaviors. Sometimes the obsession grows to respond the same way to other noises such as flushing toilets, oven timers, garbage disposals, etc. We have received dogs into our program that have some most unusual reactions and work hard to retrain them. In the beginning it does look a bit humorous but sadly after several years it just isnt so funny anymore. The dog often becomes quite anxious when the "event" is about to occur. I often will put a dog on lead and exercise my "leave it" command during this time. As they settle I begin to vacuum with them on lead and remind them if they should become excited. I progress to off lead and eventually just make them aware that I am about to perform the "deed" and make them leave the area. With consistency it usually works very well.
I totally agree. At first it can be funny. Take a look at the dogs eyes... his pupils will be dialated. That is a sure sign of stress
I agree-it isn't funny...just corgi. I am a special educator and follow Temple Grandin- Animals in Translation. She has some excellent information as to how dogs and other animals react to startle and really isn't funny... Corgis are so smart, you can easily train them from the outset...i actually told them not to bark or chase the vacuum or the lawnmower, and they didn't! They just follow around and visit until the chore is done...they look at it like a job they need to supervise... I talk to them about it while i work, and they just follow me to make sure i do it right-)
Everything makes Ein go nuts. He barks at the littlest noise. He goes especially crazy for the vaccuum and when Tucker and Colleen chase each other and growl. He picks up the nearest toy and shakes it so violently you think he's going to give himself brain damage.


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