Abby was eating her food consistantly for a while, twice a day everyday, sure she wasnt the fastest eater but she seemed to enjoy it any way about 2 weeks ago she stopped eating it. nothing seems to be wrong with her so after a while i would pick it up and offer it to her about a half an hour later, but she still wouldnt eat it, now she only eats at night and sometimes not at all. all she does is push it around in a circle and plays with it and seems to find it exciting when pieces fall out of the bowl, i just bought new food to see what is she would liuke it but nothing happend. now she is only eating 1 cup of food a day at the most when she should be eating 2. i think she would eat it if i added toppings such as wet food but should i resort to that? or should i only offer her foods once a day? i just think 2 cups of food is to much to eat at one sitting. o and by the way she is 9 months so that is the amount of food i am sopose to be feeding her

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i would really like any help if anyone has had this problem
It is fine, since the corgi breed is prone to over eat and gets fat easily, it is in your best interest to follow your vet and read the food package instructions. It is fine for you to split the feeding time to twice a day, you can divide the 1 cup into 2 half cups. Do not add the sauces, it is unnecessary and makes the poop wet.
Is she a very active pup? If shes not very active maybe shes not as hungry? How is her weight? If her weight is good I would think she should be ok. If she is playing with it instead of eating it sounds like she just might not be hungry. What brand of food are you feeding. The only time my pup stopped eating is when Iams was having problems with recalls and we immediately switched him (Natural Balance --Duck and Potatoe) once he stopped eating. Thank goodness he did stop eating! I am now very aware of food quality and recalls. Mycorgi is very helpful as well. His appetite came back instantly! Good Luck hopefully you will figure it out.
2 cups of food sounds like a lot for a corgi...I was worried scout wasnt eating and then found out i was trying to feed him too much and thats why he wasnt eating at night...that and he was teething. i dotn know, my dog isnt a vacuum and eats the prescribed amount of kibble and nothing more.
well i feed her twice a day. the backage says she should get 2 1/2 cups of food a day but i only give her 1 1/2. and she is almost 10 months. megan is fully grown and only gets 1/4 a cup of food a day. but i usually feed enough for them to be at a good weight. she is pretty active and i just fi nd it wierd that she had no problem eating this about of food until 2 weeks ago. i mean if she ate some of it i wouldnt care but she doesnt eat any of it. she didnt eat anything at all yesterday and didnt eat breakfast this morning but she is always into toys with treats in them and she is always trying to find a way to get into the dog cookie box. at first i thought her teath and gums might hurt but she is always chewing on sticks and bones and toys so i just dont know, she is getting spayed soon so i will ask the vet about it.
Tiki is 20 months old and food is not really a priority of hers. She eats when she is hungry or coaxed and the only way to coax her is to push a little food at a time out of the bowl onto the floor ...then she will pick at it. She sometimes does not eat at all...then, on those days she is nosing around the kitchen looking for where I placed her still full supper dish so she can have a midnight snack. She is very finicky...there are days she eats and days she does not. She is healthy and of a good weight. I have tried several different foods...she now seems to like Merrick B.G. (before grain).
my dog just started doing this a couple weeks ago as well
he eats a little bit then leave the rest
he wont let the other dogs eat it though
he will sit by it and growl but he will not eat it
when we asked our vet
he said it could possibly be that it is getting
really hot and that could be why.
So we moved his dinner in the house
and when he is done we just pick it up
and see if he wants it every couple of hours
normally he doesn't want it so he is just eating less
but you may want to consult your vet.
Kyoshi is the same way. At first, we freaked out why he wasn't scarfing down his food like he used to. Even changing his food, but that didn't really help. We came to the realization that he is just finicky now and will eat when he wants to eat.
He plays with his food too. He will use his snout and push at his food and watch it fall out of the bowl. I get mad at him sometimes when he makes a big mess. He's normal weight for his age(8+ mos) so we are not worried at all.
He only eats California Natural or EVO now...none of the mainstream foods with all the nasty preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. Good luck with Abby.


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