So I have been talking about possibly getting another corgi and today at work a lady came in with the CUTEST red and white puppy! I was love struck. I came home and called the breeder from the number the customer gave me and the breeder has a red and white female that looked very similar to the one I saw. My dilemma is that we already have a jack russell and my precious corgi. They both get alot of attention and I'm concerned how they would react to another addition. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Was it an easy or tough transition for your older dogs? I'm really torn because by having another corgi that would mean potty training, biting, whining, and HAIR! However, of course it's a corgi and I LOVE THEM!! I'm so torn, can someone give me some realistic advise on what ya'll have done? Oh, and we do have a fairly large house, no kids (yet), a fenced in backyard, and 2 other bedrooms that we don't use......

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Like is always say once you get one corgi its never enough. Jack Russell's are energetic dogs and should love to have a new fun puppy to play with. I just got a new corgi pup not that long ago an i already had to adults the transition was good you just have to keep an eye and make sure they don't play to rough just introduce slowly. Having two corgis is always better then one i have three. =)

so if you are ready and up for a puppy challenge then go ahead and get one but puppies need a lot of attention of course (you probably already know that) so you might want to think about if you could handle a puppy right now.

But like I said puppies are always fun and you can NOT just have one corgi they are like Pringles


This is the one I would get too! I'm so torrrrnnn....
It sounds to me like you are caught up in the "awww" factor. Easy to do, have done it myself more times then I wish to count. From the heart advice would be to enjoy the pups of other folks. Your two dogs seem to be settled and pretty easy to live with. Adding a third can be most challenging. Looks like you are planning children too. No doubt the thought of potty training, whining, extra hair is on your mind. You would probably do well to enjoy your crew, get a dose of puppy breath from time to time and pass on a pup. Remember too they are only pups for a very short time. One never gets over the "awww" factor of a corgi pup.
I would recommend that you take your two corgis, visit the breeder and see how your two interact with the pup. A lot of breeders will ask you to bring the existing dogs just so there are no major problems. Everything depends on the temperment of the individual dogs. So it's a matter of seeing the pups and your dogs' interactions. The other factor would be costs. Average cost for a pup during the firest year are approximately $800.00, not including extra toys and bedding. Also, the occassional illnesses and accidents can add to that. So if money is not an issue, and the dogs all get along, then I say go for it. Otherwise, I would hesitate for either reason and heed Sam's advice. Just my thoughts, as I love puppy breath as much as the next person on this site. Getting some next week when I visit a local breeder that has a litter on the ground, ready to start going home. I can hold, kiss and play all I want, but know that I can't possibly afford the added expenses at this time. Perhaps in a year or so.
We have two adult older corgis. Last Christmas we fostered a 6 week pup for a few weeks. He was adorable but he went in for adoption. At the time I was heartbroken, but it was the best. The older dogs didnt adjust well and he was a lot of work. As cute as he was, Im glad we didnt keep him. It was better he found a home were he could get the attention he needed. I agree with the Sam about the corgi pup "awwwwwwwwwwww"


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