How do you make a Corgi make sounds; I hear people saying that they "talk" to you

ours never made a sound until we had him about 3 weeks, then he barked for the 1st time. I have never heard him "talk" to me. Today I tried howling like a wolf and he made a very little howl and ran to the door to go out and to see the wolf. I would like to teach him to be more vocal but how do you do it?

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hmmm i dont think you can necessarily teach him to make weird sounds, etc. but i suppose you can encourage your corgi to bark more if you positively reinforce it...

but i think a lot of us would agree, the barking could get excessive VERY quickly.

Bailey never barked as a young young pup. hes now 5 months and will bark when : the doorbell rings, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer is on, hula hoop gets near him and when i wave a toy in the air. He does make "talking" sounds when 1) i just come home from work (like a "hey mommy where have you been") and 2) in the morning when hes rolling on his back to do his morning back scratchies.

not sure. bottom line i dont think it can be taught. some corgis are just naturally more vocal. but then again, im sure you can positively train (treat/praise every time a noise is made) to encourage more vocal behavior.
oh, you reminded me of a few. Add Ein to the "barks at the doorbell and vacuum cleaner club". He also barks at balloons (when they have helium in them and fall off the chair and start "walking" around on the floor by themselves. Totally freaked him out.) and bubble wrap. He used to bark at motorcycle helmets, but I think he has finally figured out that Grandpa is under the helmet, so it's not so scary. He also makes a Taz noise when he grabs a toy and shakes his head vigorously. I think this means "play with me" because he usually does it when the other dogs are playing with us or with each other and he feels left out".
lol i bought bailey a shirt over this past weekend that reads "I really don't like the vacuum" its a pretty green tank with even a picture of an upright! =P
Trunks talks like a Wookiee. Mostly when he is really upset about something, like a bird outside the bay window. He also has his whooo sound. He makes this sound when he doesn't really know what's going on, but feels he needs to add his ten cents. We really can't make him do these noises on command. We can get Pan to bark if we clap our hands.

Believe me, enjoy your quiet corgi. It could be a lot worse, like barking at everything and anything. Guess I have a guard dog!
Grover sounds like a Wookiee too! Arrrroooowoooowooo sound.
Most corgis will talk. Ours talks ALL the time. You can have a conversation with her and she makes all these silly noises. But some are just quiet. We fostered a male corgi and he was silent as anything. The only time he howled and barked was when we came home when he was super happy. I think it just depends on their personality! Yours probably is the strong silent type. :-)
I think I heard Cardigans are quietier than Pembrokes. Is Buttercup a Cardi?
My corgi mix is VERY "talky" but the puppy is quietier, except when we get home he gives the cutest little wookie sing-song that just melts my heart. I figure the talking may develop more as he gets older. The "talking " is different from normal barking, they are little grunts and "under the breath" whufs that go on in conversation with us.
Yes, he is a Cardigan and 9 years old.
My Ein talks to us every morning, he stands outside the boy's room and tells us 'garrruummff', like comeon boy, don't make mom spend 10 minutes waking you up. And then he waits outside the girl's room while I get her up and he tells her 'morning' with his wookie sound.
Sometimes he tells dad he's happy to see him home at night when he gets off work.

I love that he's 'talky' though I had also heard that the Cardi's tend to be quieter than Pemmies. But I think like most critters, the breed may indicate but each is an individual.
My Corgi was quiet for several weeks as well. Then she developed this kind of quiet "huff whuff" bark; it was like she didn't know how to bark properly, and was just learning. Then after about a month she starting barking in earnest. She hasn't shut up since. She still does the huffing thing daily, but only in certain situations, for example she does it when she brings you a toy. She will "huff" back at you if you start making the sounds--she ALWAYS has to have the last word in these exchanges. I guess this is what you mean by "talking." She "learned" it on her own; I have no idea how to teach that.

She howls in only ONE situation--at the answering machine. Her "favorite" person is the voice on the machine, and little Molly must think she's trapped in there or something, and she starts continuous howling at around the third ring.

I echo the others in saying that you should count your blessings for having a quiet Corgi. Fortunately, Molly will shut up if you yell "MOLLY!" like you mean it, but she barks at every opportunity: when she sees animals, at the doorbell/knock (including doorbell/knock sounds on the TV!), at the garage doors, at the ringing telephone, at the vacuum gets old.
Well, that's good to know. He has started barking at noises and I have encouraged it because I thought it was more normal than to never make a sound. Like I think it is good is he barks if someone rings the bell or a car drives into our driveway. However, since he is so short when a loud car or motorcycle drives by he looks at me and barks. He can't tell whether they are driving into our driveway or not so I praise him for barking. Maybe I shouldn't be...?
I was more interested in developing the talking, not the barking but you are right, maybe I should be thankful he is quiet.
yeah, give it some time and I'm sure he'll talk PLENTY! Frank never stops talking. I think he must've barked so much while we had to board him while we were on vacation, he came back horse! If only h'ed be quiet for a bit, he'd let his voice heal!


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