Do your Corgi's bark alot? Harry is still only a pup but he is always barking at our cats and I am not really sure how to get him to stop! Any suggestions?? He loves them so it's not like he's barking because he does not like them!

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I have the same problem. Ginny is almost 8 months old and has a renewed interest in barking at the cats the last few weeks. If the cat is under the bed, she barks incessantly and then starts pulling the quilt off of the bed. If the cats are in the kitty room (spare bedroom with a baby gate in the door so Ginny can't get in) she barks at them and throws herself at the baby gate. She's even jumped up on the coffee table to get one of the cats. She's never hurt them, she's just really, really interested in them. One of the cats is terrified of her because she barks at him so much! When I go to get her, she dodges me and runs so that I can't catch her and then goes back to barking! What do we do? I think the neighbors are going to start getting irritated soon!
We are having the same problem. Monty was a quiet pup until he hit 6 mos., then all of a sudden he started barking all the time. He barks to go out (we are trying the bell idea now), he barks at phantom noises (or something we just can't hear), he barks before he crashes for a nap, he barks at cars or any noise or dog bark outside. I know corgis bark a bit but it does make me a little batty at times so any suggestions for minimizing the bark would be greatly appreciated.
First, since corgis are herders by nature, it is part of their breed to herd and bark. So, you may not control it 100%. However, you can begin by teaching your dog a "quiet" command. When they go barking mad, ignore them. (Yes, I know you want to scream at them. So do I.) But in trying to yell above the bark, your dog thinks you're joining in the fun. Once they're quiet, say "quiet" with a hush-type hand command and give them a treat. After a while, they'll realize that when they are not barking, they get food. The trick to this is timing. You can't give the treat right away because they'll associate it with the bark. Just a couple of seconds for them to change focus and give the reward and they'll associate it correctly. (Sam, if you're out this how you teach quiet? You have a vast knowledge and a second way of doing this would be welcome.)

Best of luck! It takes patience and consistency to work on "quiet."
I learned that you can teach them to "speak." Once they bark for a bit then say "quiet." As soon as they realize that that was a command and they follow it, treat them.

It's like giving them a chance to have their say but knowing when they need to stop.
ive read articles and they suggest the best way to control a barking dog is actually to teach them how to speak/bark. Just like FuzzyButt recommends, once you praise them for speaking - "good speak", when they are quiet - say "good quiet" - and he/she will learn to be quiet!
My corgi barks alot as well. Its more when we are trying to get ready in the morning and we are not paying attention to him. He is 13 weeks old so I am assuming its just the puppy in him. I would like him to not bark when there is nothing to bark at but to alert us if he has to use the potty by barking or there is something wrong?
she does a bit but she isn't yappy. one of this things i taught her was to run to the door barking when i say "go see" (usually if i hear something) then after i have checked things out i say "you got them" and she stops and i pet her for a couple minutes and tell her good girl. she only usually barks when she hears something so i say "you got them" and she will stop, she doesn't bark at anything else really...
Freddie barks when he wants something or wants us to do something. (give him a treat, or play with toys) When he's outside, he barks whenever he sees something move! We have a woods behind out house, and at night when he will be out, it's constant barking. I have heard that Corgi's bark. I am wondering as well.
My pup is pretty quiet but he barks at other dogs if they bark first. He is okay with cats (even though I dont have one). He only barks at suspicious things (people close to the house, garbage trucks ect.) He is actually fine with the vaccuum too. I have not taught him to speak yet and he is pretty quiet. Mabye when he is around a year I will teach him to speak, but I think him not-learning it helped out alot.
Oh, the reasoning is that he might run around "speaking" and expect praise for it. He already rollsover in front of me for the heck of it to see if I will give him a treat.
Lily does not bark much. She does bark when we come outside, but it is as though she is asking to come out of her kennel, which we always do anyway. She always barks when we get home, once the car pulls into the drive we hear her. Once we have fed her dinner and turned off the light in the backyard, she knows that it is bedtime. The real funny thing is that if we have the lights off in the back of the house, she is quiet. But once the light in the kitchen comes on again, she will get out of her bed and bark, letting us know that she is 'upset' at being woken up. Once the light is off though, she will stop and go back to bed. We are really blessed with her, she does not bark much at the cat that wanders in the backyard every once in awhile. If she does bark a lot, we know something is wrong. She is such a good girl!
Our clan barks a lot. But that is to be expected with a number of corgis together. They are a talkative breed; part of the whole herding dog thing. But can be taught a "quiet" command with consistent training.


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