Hi everyone! Camber was scheduled for her spay tomorrow and then went into heat last night. Her last heat cycle (which we adopted her when she was in the middle of her last cycle) was in March, so since they go into heat twice a year, it wouldn't too much of an assumption that she'd be in heat in September, right? Apparently, I was WRONG. The vet then pushed her procedure to next month, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever used doggie diapers and if you'd recommend them.

Thank you!

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It is normal to have irregular heat cycle, Doggie Diapers will keep the blood off your floor, you will want to change the maxi pad everyday, you can get the pads at walmart, just use off brands like "equate". You also want to sew up the "hole" on your doggie diaper with an extra sock. In the mean time, keep your dog at home, only bring her out for potty.
Thanks for the info. I'm off to the store, then. It's frustrating because we just started training classes and this pushes things back further. But, what can you do, right? Have a good day!
Oh Yes! I can relate to this as I have had to quit not once but 2 times!!!!!!
I have tried Pupsters and they did not work for her. They fell off our Sookie appears not to have hips or a tail or a butt. I also bought a pair of Cozy pet panties, that was another disaster, first you need to sew the hole shut, but then it doesn't stay on because it's not long enough for our long wasted girl. She has a waste no hips no tail and they just fall off her. I can't see crating her for the three weeks she's in heat that would be terrible. I am presuming that Doggie Diapers are similar to Cozy pet panties. I don't think you can keep them on a corgi wihtout suspenders but then how do you put suspenders on a corgi??? Someone help?
We have used diapers for Fergie, just to catch the drips. We use a denim diaper wrap that we bought at PetSmart and just use regular feminine pads in them. I have also used the disposable diapers, but they are ridiculously expensive. You could just buy regular baby disposables since the Corgis don't need the tail hole.They won't prevent a pregnancy a determined male will find his way around it, but it will help with the drips and stains. Good luck!


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