I've always heard that Corgis will eat until they explode, so if that's the case, I think my Corgi is broken!!! haha I will put food out for her & she won't touch it for hours... is that normal?? When we occasionally add some tasty stuff to her food (like broccoli or egg or rice) she will devour it, but with just her regular food (Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul), she'll eat it all, but it takes a while.

For instance, I will put food down when we wake up at 6:30am, she generally won't touch it before I leave & she gets crated (at 7:45am). Then she might eat it during lunch (my husband and I are home from 11:30-1:30 for lunch). But then dinner... I could put it down at 6pm & she won't touch it until 10pm!!

I guess it just seems odd... I'm not complaining... she weighs 25lbs, so that's good. I just wanted to get an idea if others noticed this as well... Thanks for any replies!!

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Most dogs "eat till they explode."

If you put the food down and she wont eat it within 15 minutes take it back. Shell eat when shes hungry. Do not leave the food out.
Mocha is like Lola, he take his time and eat, sometimes he play with his kibble or walk by and dig his nose and shuffle it a little, he eats the same among of food as Vienna but he stays nice and trim. Vienna on the other hand puts on weight easily and is a food vacuum, she inhales food and probably will win the hot dog eating competition :)
Skittles is the same! She eats so little so slowly that I've reduced her feedings to once a day around 5PM. She usually sniffs her food, tamps it down and alternately shuffles it with her nose, takes some of it in her mouth, and then strews it on the floor and eats it from there. (The tamping and shuffling CRACKS me up.) This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30; after that, though, I take it away from her.

To make sure that she eats, I'll put her in her cage until she's finished or for a half-hour, whichever comes first. It's worked pretty well.
Ronan has gone through phases when he'll eat right away (especially when he's more active in the summer) and when it can take him as much as an hour to finally go for his food. I'd heard that corgis will eat until they burst too, but oddly Ronan will self-regulate and leave kibble behind if he's full (though there's always room for treats). We got him on a more steady eating schedule by feeding him once a day at 6pm.
I had the same problem with my corgi recently. She would just want to play but not eat. It would take her about 20 minutes before she would eat. Well one morning when she didn't want to eat after about 20 minutes I removed her food. At the same time I cut back slightly on the amout of food and treats that she was getting each day. I kinda figured that she was enjoying her treats more than her food. Now she finishes her food in no time!
I free feed Salsa because I don't think she eats enough. She's not thin and certainly not fat, but it worries me that she eats so little when I always hear bout corgis getting over weight or eat to they drop.

I would think it depends on each individual corgi and their environment. She does gobble tastier stuff, but even when I don't give her anything other than her kibble, she still eats very little.
That's about how Lola is... she's crated most of the day, so she doesn't have full access to her food ALL day, but it seems she's got more important things to do when she's out of the crate. I can't complain too much... at least she isn't obese!! I just didn't know if it was unheard of for a Corgi not to eat you out of house & home :)
Cruise will eat everything in as fast a time as possible. Tiki on the other hand takes forever. There are times when she is just not even interested in food. When she does it she takes one kibble out of the bowl at a time sniffs it, then chews it...she will do that for the entire bowl, often taking her forever to eat a half cup of food...she actually seems to enjoy it. Even when she was a puppy in training class we had a tough time motivating her with treats since she never was a vaccuum cleaner like Cruise is. She is a healthy 21 month old, about 25-26 pounds. She is just really a slow eater and has been since she was a small puppy. We do take away her food after about half hour (otherwise cruise would eat it ;)) but she stayed the same. She's just a slow eater.
Le-Le is a very picky eater. It has taken her being on Wellness (lamb, barley, salmon meal recipe in the green bag) with sprinkling of Nupro on her food plus a little water to make a gravy and now she eats it right up. I have also put a spoon full of cottage cheese on her food for flavor if I am out of the Nupro. She will lick the cottage cheese off the kibble 1st and eventually eat the kibble. For training she is very picky with her treats. She will only eat the soft and chewy Buddy Biscuits. She used to only get the peanut butter but our vet carries beef and bacon flavor now which she loves, very smelly. They are small treats but I break them up into smaller pieces for training, make 3-5 pieces out of one, they are shaped like a teddy bear. Sometimes she will eat other treats but only if she is not nervous.
For treats Tiki will eat them but could take'em or leave'em...except for one thing... Freeze Dried Liver...that is one thing she does go crazy for.
Mine does the same thing. We had a fight for three days when i wouldnt cave and put peanut butter in her food. (She was sick before so i put peanutbutter to spoil her. Big mistake).
when we free fed neeka (we did measure it just left it out all the time) she would never eat if we are in the room, and usually would only eat after we were asleep. then when i realised she had aggressive tendancys around food i started only giving her the meals then taking them away if she didn't eat. i always make her eat around me while im sitting on the floor next to her, sometimes even out of my hand. now that she knows she only has a couple minutes to eat she eats right away.


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