My husband says that they used to give his former Corgi "Chubby", cod liver oil in his food to keep his coat healthy and shiny. Anyone tried this? I won't give it to Willis unless I get a "second opinion".

Evidently Chubby didn't mind it in his food.

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We give that to Molly sometimes. It does seem to work. She eats the softgel like it's candy.
Thanks, Precious.

I'll add a touch to Willis' diet and see how he does.
I would rather give salmon or flaxseed oil for Omega-6 and Omega-3 that is fabulous for the skin and coat. Cod Liver Oil has the Omega's, but is very rich in Vitamin A of which dogs rarely have a deficiency. I'd have to look it up, but I think Vitamin A is one of those that builds up in the body instead of flushing extra out. I don't think that's a good thing. Give sparingly, or just use salmon or flaxseed oil instead if you're trying to improve the coat.
Hi Ch.arlie, you're right, vitamin A is fat soluble which means it's stored in the body. Unless it's in the form of beta carotene, rarely side effects from excess, but it's probably a good idea to not have too much since it's store in the liver, who knows what long term excess could lead to.
when we visit my dad he sprinkles some powder over my dogs food and gives her some orange block. i asked what it was but i can't remeber, its for their coats and joints and after a couple days i noticed a difference, im going to find out what it is..her coat was so nice
I use salmon oil as well.
How much flaxseed oil or salmon oil would you give your corgi, and how often? Do you mix it in with the food? Is it okay to do this for puppies too?
You can mix it with their food, and they love it. (Mine at least) I use Salmon Oil as well, I think my pup had allergies because he was chewing alot and I changed his food and started giving him Salmon Oil and a week later he stopped. Mabye he was allergic to Chicken though, who knows.
thanks James! How much oil do you mix in with the food, and do you do that with each meal or just once a day? thanks!!
I used "Grizzly Salmon Oil" and it comes in a pump bottle. I just followed the directions.

Thanks James, this is really helpful! :)
My collie has a big problem with dry skin. This past spring, our vet strongly suggested that we put her on a fish oil supplement. Searching online, the majority of sites that I came across seem to agree that wild salmon oil provides the most omega 3 fatty acids and is the best for helping dogs with dry skin. I don't know anything about cod liver oil, but wild salmon oil definitely works. I took Colleen to the vet a few weeks ago because allergies = scratching = skin infection and the vet said that even though she saw flakiness from the skin infection, she saw no evidence of dry skin.

Flax is supposed to be a great source of omega 3s for people, but I couldn't find a general consensus for the dog world. Some sites said that flax was fine for dogs, but other sites claimed that because dogs are carnivores by nature, they are able to get the omega 3s from salmon much better than from flax. Because it was so important for Colleen to be able to get as much benefit from the supplement as possible in order to help a medical condition, I chose to stick with what had gotten better reviews overall.

I started with Grizzly Salmon Oil (which has gotten great reviews), because it was the only wild salmon oil I could find locally and I wanted to get her started on it asap. I went online looking for a better price and switched to The Wholistic Pet brand at K9Power:

Colleen gets one pump, once a day. Though I'm sure if you buy a smaller bottle than what I buy, the pump will be smaller (and more corgi sized). Colleen loves it and looks forward to it. At dinner time, she starts eating as soon as her food is in her bowl. But at breakfast time, she waits for me to give the boys their breakfast and add the fish oil to hers. She seems to have figured out that she only gets in the morning and she usually doesn't eat until it's on there.

Once we get our credit card debt and car loans paid down, I'm going to give it to the boys as well. They also have seasonal allergies, so I think it would really do them some good.


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