I found dwARF dog website while I was searching for dog friendly places in my city. Just wondering if anyone dresses their Corgis? How do your dogs feel about it? I'm not really into dressing up my animals but I think it's sort of neat that there's somebody making clothes expressly for Corgis. They have that long body, short leg, cute jersey thing going on. Has anyone ever sewn their own corgi clothes? I might try it out.

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I'm not sure mine necassarily like dressing up but I just learned to knit so they might have to get used to it! lol! I"m kidding-we live in San Antonio so they don't get too cold. If we lived in a colder climate they would definately have little knitted sweaters. I think it's kind of cute if you don't go overboard with the booties and hats and stuff. Don't want them to be uncomfortable.
Heh, I never thought I'd be one of those people--but I totally bought a shirt for Freya and surprisingly she's ok with it. I know my mom's Chugs loves clothes and will happily keep it on (especially for winter) so long as it keeps mom happy.

I can't wait for Halloween! I'm totally buying Freya a costume we'll call it the early birthday present cause she'll be 1 years old the next day.

I may start learning to sew just so I can have things in the colors I want for her.

Hats are a definite no however, she did not like that.
I know what you mean! Before I got my dog, I used to see people who would put clothes on their dogs, and I thought "I would never do that to my dog!" Well, first, it started out with little t-shirt when visiting friend's house so her hair won't fall that much. Then I realized she's ok with clothes. Hmmmm. Once, we shaved her a bit because it was so hot, but then got cold. Bought her a coat. Then, I needed a costume for Halloween... Years later, we now have 2 shirts, 1 raincoat, 5 Halloween costumes (Chicken, Monkey, Pig, Hot Dog, and Mickey Mouse), Hawaiian shirt, Summer Kimono, and winter coat (-ish looking thing). She also has Christmas accesories too... Oh, and we recently bought Doggle too (for her eye protection, of course!)

Oh no. I think I have become one of those... at least she doesn't wear anything unless it's special occasion!! :p
Al & Gwynn say they'll wear clothes if I'll wear what they usually wear.

But if anybody knows of some kind of ultralight reflective sun-shade sort of thing, let me know.
Our black tris fade noticeably above timberline in summer sun, seeking whatever shade they can find.
I've thought of trying to make some kind of white muslin(?) poncho.
We DO have sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest, a coupla times every year (young children run and hide from that bright thing in the sky).
Sparty will allow a hat and scarf but the hat sends Izzy into a rolling frenzy. Usually I just stick with scarfs. Misty the doberman wears fleeces and coats most of the winter. Michigan winters do require fur! I would love to put a coat on the corgis just for the fun of it but they love to roll in the snow. I call it making "corgi angels"
I have one doggy shirt for Ella, but the neck is too big and she can walk out of it. It fits fine everywhere but the chest and neck. I'm may end up doing some sewing to it. That's cool that a site makes just for corgi.
I don't dress Potus (my brother would kill me if I tried- he thinks it ridiculous), but he does wear a dog coat if he has to go for a walk in the rain. My friend has a maltese/cavalier mix though and he's always in cloths. He has a little jacket that says 'Security' and a leather jacket- very cute but its just not something I would do. I do like a bandana though :)


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