What does your corgi get his/her mouth on that they shouldn't??

Is there something that your corgi constantly goes after that they REALLY shouldn't?? Blaze will grab WHATEVER just so I will chase him to get it back, until I learned to just act bored and play with one of HIS toys until he drops the pen, shoe, hammer, whatever. . .but Blaze seems to have a severe weakness for BRAS and dryer sheets (he loves to shred both). He will actually stick his head in the dryer to steal the dryer sheet. I suppose I should start listening to my boyfriend and put these things out of Blaze's reach. . .:)

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Ein is a vacuum. He likes to pick up anything that falls on the ground that might be food. We have the hardest time getting him to stay away from acorns when we go outside.

Other than being Mr. Hungry Mouth, he's always been very good. Even as a puppy, he never destroyed anything that wasn't his. He knows the difference between my stuffed animals and his (I wish Colleen and Tucker did so I could take them out of hiding!). When he was a puppy, we took him to Petco. He stared at a rawhide and then looked at us. Gave the rawhide a teeny tiny lick. Then looked at us. As soon as I told him he could have it, he picked up. No clue how he knew to wait for permission at 4 months old. Someone obviously worked with him before we got him.
Roxi is obsessed with sox. The first time it happened it was early morning (I was tired) and I tossed sox on the bed and went to look for something else... turned.. noticed I forgot to put out sox... put out sox.. turned back around... turned around... coulda sworn I put out sox... tossed another pair on the bed without thinking...

soooo... needless to say.. out of my stupid braindead mind of morning deadness.. I walk out and Roxi is happly rolling around in a pile of sox having ninja'd them out of the bedroom. Its amazing how quiet she can be when she wants to be lol.

Since then we have to watch our sox. Have no idea what her obsession with them are.. but she helps us put our shoes and sox on in the morning :)
This is amazing my Corgi Cooper has destroyed 2 bras. Chews them right up the middle. Two seperate cups when hes through. Dryer sheets as well. They do the same stuff. How funny!!
Well, my Ritz eats insects, much to my chagrin. I just hope he will outgrow it. When he was a puppy, he chewed on slippers (destroyed 5 pairs of my Mum's slippers!) and ate his poo. In fact, he would bite/chew whatever he could get into his mouth when he was just a pup. Acting bored won't help cos he just ignores me.
Ofelia eats insects, too! She pick them up and bring them into the apartment and leave little pieces lying around. She tried to eat a praying mantis the other day; the mantis won. :-)
oh yea Carly eats bugs ,a catches flie in mid air!
Wizard (almost two) still eats poo every once in a while. And then he likes to come just on the couch and give you a big sloppy kiss. YUCK! We live in a small town (8000 pop) and a couple weeks ago when Bonnie went out to get him, he came prancing around the corner of the house with a rabbit!!! The little tike bagged a rabbit. Hes is only 18 pounds himself!!! Bonnie didnt think it was that funny =)

Hedy is a little more sophisticated, she little beef bones and drug up something vertebre one time. She usually really good about not picky up bad things. Thats her little brothers job. But do not get between her and her ducky. The very first toy I bought her was a stuffed duck that quacked. You should have seen her face when I gave it to her. I dont think anyone had ever given her a new toy. Every three or four months, the ducks wear out and I bring home another one for her. She doesnt play with other toys near as much as playing with her duck. There is very little outside Hedys reach if she reall wanted it. She actually puched a chair out from the table to get on the chair then on the table once.
Yep tissues are the choice around here too. I think Brody taught Lilly to chew them up!
Duke loves to chew on everything. He eats earthworms in the yard and then has the stinkiest breath after getting his mouth on them. He has chewed on several shoes, the corner of our bed, chair legs, bath mats and is insane about socks.
If there is a sock on the ground it will be gone in a flash. He likes to hide them in his bed and sit on them. When he's bored after sitting on them he wrestles with them and tuns around the house with the socks.
We left him in our bedroom once while we ran an errand and he shredded a shopping bag into the tiniest pieces I have ever seen. :-P
Body only likes the dried out worms (worm jerky!)
my gus does the same thing! but his weakness is paper towels and q-tips!!
When I get to work in the morning with Ruby and Macsen, as I walk past the cat cages, there's always those little mtoy mice the cats haveknocked out of their cages. When I get to the breakroom, I always have to fish one out of Ruby's mouth. She'd trade any of her toys for one of those


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