Saturday my vet gave me a sample of the oral Sentinel flea killer and dewormer. Sunday I gave it to Banzai, in a cheese ball, and he appeared to handle it well. The only draw back was one bout of diarrhea, and loose stool afterward. So far we have not found any fleas, but our "back yard" is FILLED with mosquitoes. They eat me alive so I am sure that Banzai is getting bit by them too.

What are your thoughts on Sentinel and its ability to hold up to other brands? How well does it work in the Florida climate? What does work best in the Florida climate? Do you think I should change to something that repels mosquitoes too? Does anyone have suggestions for a combo treatment that includes mosquito repellent?

I do not want to use any over the counter products so please keep that in mind when responding.

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i just buy all natural bug repellant at the health food store and comb it through her coat. i don't have any experience with flees/mosquito repelants other than that since its too cold to get flees here.
I will consider that. What kind do you normally get?
its called buzz off, its kinda stinky but we don't have a ton of mosquitos here so i only need to use it on our nightly walk.
I recently gave Dax his first dose of the Sentinel along with the Capstar (because I had already found a flea or two on him and that was definitely something I wanted to get rid of FAST). So far he hasn't had any reactions to it, though I did have to make him swallow it like a pill because he wouldnt just eat it, even with the help of some peanut butter (he just licked it all off and came after me for more. Smart little bugger.) I can't say much for the worm part of it because he hasn't really had time to...contract...any, but the flea issue has definitely been resolved, so as of now I give it a thumbs up. :) I always research products on the Internet and read user reviews before I buy anything for him, and I didnt find anything negative about either of them, so I guess old Novartis makes a pretty good product. :)
Not sure if you recently got Dax, but check his poop in the next two weeks in case he's got Tapeworm from those fleas! We found one flea on Bailey on the way home.. and low and behold two weeks later i found little noodle string worms in his poo. Tapeworms are caused by eating infested fleas that lived off infected tapeworm larvae. A pill called Drontal will kill it easily - available at a low price at many clinics if Dax does get them.
Now that you mention it I think I found some stringy looking things in Banzai's stool. Hm, might have a talk with my vet about a stool sample, and see if they would do one on Banzai.
Usually you can identify tapeworms because they look like little grains of rice, because you're actually only seeing segments of them. The first time Dax got them I actually found a whole one stuck to the fur on his butt (gross), then the next morning I woke up to take him outside and there were the little pieces on the floor of his kennel (I suspected worms so I had him sleep without any bedding of any kind). The first time he had them I brought him to the vet, and when I looked at my bill, I found the name of the medicine and discovered that it was an OTC medicine (go figure). But you do have to go to a pet pharmacy to get it, not some place like petsmart. So the second time he got them I just went to the store and got some, and that was the end of it. :)
To save $$$, you probably won't need a stool sample. I didn't have one done because as soon as I described what I saw in the stool to the vet….. She knew! Haha. And… check his bedding and see if you see tiny white things that look like grains of rice. Those are dead worms. Icky, yes. But fortunately, REALLY easy to treat. A pill does it, and prevention is just keeping your furryman on flea control. =)
funny you should say that, the poor thing has gotten tapeworms twice since I got him! Luckily now I know how to identify them, I give him a pill called Droncit and it takes care of them instantly. I figured if I could have an all-but-tapeworm worm preventative that also prevents fleas, I should be safe. Heh. Just the thought of those little things creep me out. Ugh.
The only one that I know of that is supposed to repel mosquitos is K9 Advantix. Technically OTC because you don't need a presciption for it, but not something you'd find at Walmart, either. I'm never quite sure if Frontline, Advantage & K9Advantix are considered OTC, or if OTC refers to stuff like Seargants. There probably are other products out there; K9Advantix is just the only one that I have any experience with.
I am a fan of Sentinel...but will be looking into adding Capstar as an add-on as I have found a few live fleas on him. Sentinel is definitely working because the incubation period has passed and we don't have a flea infestation. Sentinel is flavoured so they just chew it. It only fails if not given on a full stomach. So, after dinner, I immediately give him his Sentinel pill (once a month for adults) and I watch to see that he chews and swallows. I purposely don't exercise him much that night on the off-chance that he may get over-excited and vomit it up.
The thing with Advantage is that you are putting an insecticide (killing chemical) on the outer part of your dog's body. That means he is absorbing it and you are too, if you are handling him. Maybe not a problem for you but a big one for me. Also need to take into consideration re if your puppy gets wet....does it stay on, etc. I think there was a big discussion about this; maybe ask Sam and you can find it. Also, someone using Advantage wrote to me (forget who but you can check my comment section) and they have to use the fleacomb and kill fleas, so obviously it isn't catching everything either.
Advice my breeder told me for mosquitos...put Vics Vaporrub around edge of ears (I haven't tried it) and on nose. I avoid taking him out when mosquitoes are worse...early morning and evening. We may not live in Florida but BELIEVE me we have a lot of mosquitos. I wear a mosquito net over my head and neck in order to take him out to pee early in the morning. Oh, your pride goes quickly when you are a pet owner. Good luck!
PS Just read your post again. You mentioned a cheese ball, not sure what that is but some dogs react to dairy. any chance the diarrhear was related to the cheese ball and not Sentinel? Just wondering?


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