I thought this could be a fun topic. :)

I'll add my response in a moment. It may take awhile to type it all out, lol.

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Wow...and I thought Caleb's random stranger toe licking was embarrassing! Clearly I just haven't given Caleb a chance to throughly embarrass me yet!

On the other hand, I DO have to be careful with whatever I have in my hands while Cay is around. I pick up the laundry basket, he leaps around and looks at me like: OOOH! You gonna throw that, or can I just chew on it?. The newspaper: same thing. Pillows/chairs/random kitchen utensils: Oh yeah. Sophie the Cat: SAME THING. when she's wandering around on her own, he pays NO attention to her. She can walk right up to him nose to nose and he just looks at her. But as soon as I pick her up for any reason, Caleb leaps up and gives me the excited dance that clearly translates to: OOH! Throwthecatthrowthecatthrowthecatplease??!?!?!?! We're working on it.
Glad to know that Brody isn't the only toe licker out there. We were at my brother in laws house and he just wouldn't leave their toes alone. Anyone in sandals, barefoot, they're all fair game. Unfortunately I think he's teaching Lilly this habit too. OH NO TWO TOE LICKERS!
I re-enrolled Spencer in obedience class...our first class was yesterday. He became so excited to be there that he pooped (and I mean POOPED) on the floor. One of the other dog owners exclaimed, "someone's dog pooped on the floor!!!!!" As I wiped it up, I said..."oh that would be Spencer's! thanks for pointing it out!"
1) Pooping right in front of some random person's house while they stand out there watering the lawn, washing the car, bringing groceries in, etc, when he could just wait 10 more feet and he wouldn't be on that person property.

2) Grabbing my dirty underwear from the laundry basket and parading around the house…

3) "fighting" the leash while we cross the street in front of cars to show just how much of a bad boy he is (we live in the city!!!!)

He's pretty good at not embarassing me otherwise. =P Thanks BaileY! Lol... bbut i must add hes a young-in. only 6 months. lots of time left to embarass mommy.
Oh god, this JUST HAPPENED.

Ryan: *comes walking in from the living room*
Me: What was he doing?
Ryan: He manged to get one of your used pads out of the waste basket, and was playing with it.
Me: D:
SEE! Used sanitary napkins/tampons are like CANDY to them!
I was more embarrassed that Ryan was willing to TOUCH the damn thing to get it away from Banzai.

Me: Well where is it?
Ryan: I took it away from him and threw it away.
Me: ...

He could have just called me! We have since moved the waste basket.
I encourage you to buy lidded trashcans with a foot pedal.
Lord knows what I will do if the dog figures the pedal out, though...
Oh man, this made me laugh ! My Bentley is crazy for the cat ! He would love for me to ThrowtheCatThrowtheCat ! Also collecting underwear and such, I call them his prizes ! He looks so proud of himself when he comes running with a sock, pair of underwear etc. So far he hasn't done anything to embarrass me, but he's just a baby still and I've only had him a month !!!!!
Mitchell pee'd on me at the corgi picnic in anaheim. so embarrassed!
ooohh one time we were walking and the lady next door HATES dogs, like really dislikes them, and she was all ready to go out in a nice dress, and i was standing talking to her and it had rained earlier and her paws were dirty and we are just standing there and she JUMPS up and gets mud all over the ladys dress then runs back behind my legs. hhaha..omg..so embarrassing i felt so bad, she never does that..haha she must have been getting the lady back for not liking dogs haha.


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