I just wanted to see if any one else's corgi's do this and it was a corgi trait. When I take my corgi's for a walk and they get tired. They both flop on their belly's and refuse to move. I call this flat dog.

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Flat dog syndrome; I like that tag. My guy, Niki is known for pulling that trick, more so on my daughter and husband than on me. The minute he plops down I give him a tug just behind his head. I just got back from a short vacation so it will be interesting to see what he challenges. Niki has a vey sharp little mind of his own but that just makes him all the more fun.
The best is when Owen is in a full sprint and my husband or myself are in a nice jog and pulls that move! Rip your arm out of your socket...
hahahahha I know exactly what you're talking about! Little stinkers!
I like that term "flat dog".....good one.
Yes!! I used to cut our walks short because I thought he was tired but noticed he'll sometimes do it only after 15minutes. When Steve would do it during longer walks I thought he was trying to cool his tummy since he does it under a huge tree or in a nice shade. It's kinda embarrassing when he does it in a crowded park...
HAHA neeka does flat dog but she sinks into it..she walks lower and lower and slower and slower until he belly is almost on the ground then just flops down!
I'm so glad to know that Sid is not the only one! I guess he's trying to make me laugh, and I'll stop worrying about him.
Hee hee, we call this 'Slug', but 'Flat Dog' is a good description. I guess I am lucky Vash only pulls this stunt in the grass, not while walking ^^;
It's great to hear that my corgi's are not the only one's that do this. :)
I thought that I was the only one that trudged up the hills carrying a 37 lb corgi. At that rate I needed a nap myself.
I can relate. My daughter carries Sidney when he "goes flat". At least she's building up some upper body strength!
Hehe I thought it was just Owen that did this! Good to know he's not just being lazy :P
Here is Sidney doing his version of "flat dog" at the bay



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