I was wondering if tearing up paper i.e. toilet paper, loose paper, notebooks, books etc was a common and fun event in a corgi household. I have found out of the three corgi's that I have had only the two female dogs loved to shred paper. Is this a trait in corgi's and especially in females?

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Ugh, Sidney LOVES pens and pencils! I'm forever taking them from him. I think he's learned where we keep them - time to move them up higher!
Callie is a paper shredder! She will shred anything that she can!
hahha i think dogs in general like to tear up things if its easy. Bailey's gotten into newspaper, toilet paper, cardboard, boxes, etc.. paper products just seem fun to them. =P

they make good paper shredders dont they? Just hand them credit card applications or bills you want to shred! =D
Oh yes! I've discovered how much Ginny loves shredding.... especially toilet paper.
But she is equally fond of books and has destroyed a few of them.
Lola loves stealing the empty paper towel roll and ripping it up. I also have to keep the toilet paper up high because she will pull it all off the holder. Any paper left on the edge of the table is fair game, and she steals Q-tips out of the trash and hides them in her box of toys. How gross lol
Penny LOOOOVEs her wee wee pads
HA! Holly used to like to eat hers too!
This actually made me giggle. Leon loves paper of all types. Mostly just destroying it, not so much in the way of eating unless it gets stuck in his mouth and he has no other choice. Today he managed to get ahold of a roll of paper towels, completely unbeknownst to me, and frapped all over the house with them. Paper towels everywhere. Almost couldn't catch him. :) The other day he was in the tissue box, stuck his nose right in and pulled them out from the bottom, and a couple days before that I woke up to the floor covered in phonebook. Looked like someone stuck a firecracker right in the middle of it. I don't mind so much because he does understand that when I tell him to leave it, that he should. He loves to tear up his paper, and if it keeps him occupied when I'm cleaning, then he can have as many (supervised) magazines as he wants.
Brody can't stay out of the bathroom waste basket.... loves to take out tissue and shred it all oer the floor. Lilly is following suit, so it looks like there's lots of paper shredder corgis out there!
Shippo liked to eat paper as a puppy - especially tissues. He grew out of it though. My other dog, who is not a corgi, also loved to shred paper as a pup. I think paper must be one of those puppy delicacies...
George loves any kind of paper. He even tore up our really huge phone book. It looked like it had snowed in our living room. Rosie likes dixie cups and will take them out of the bathroom waste basket. George ate my electric bill and the customer service rep thought it was so funny when I had to call in to find out what my bill was and where to send it.
All of my Corgis love to shred paper. They absolutely love empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes. All I need to do is tap the tube on the counter a few times and they all come running! It does make a mess, but it is so fun watching them go crazy for a piece of trash!They got a hold of a full roll of paper towels and that was a mess! They obviously thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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