I know you aren't supposed to use human shampoo on a dog, but what about a soapless body wash for sensitive skin? I own a hedgehog also, and Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash is recommended for baths for their ultra senstive skin that dries out. I'm just wondering, because Gibson got so dirty this morning when I took him out and we do not have any puppy shampoo yet, since we just got him saturday, and I didn't figure I'd need to bath him for some time! Let me know what you think, this is the info on it:

With Natural Colloidal Oatmeal.
Moisturizes to relieve dry, itchy skin. Gentle Cleansing.

Aveeno® Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free truly moisturizes as it cleans, so your skin feels soft and smooth all day long. The unique Aveeno® formula combines natural oatmeal - long known for its skin-soothing benefits - with rich emollients and gentle cleansers, so it holds in moisture even after you rinse to soothe dry, itchy skin all day long.

Aveeno® Skin Relief Body Wash Fragrance Free has a creamy formula and lathers gently to smooth away and hydrate dry skin, leaving skin softer and smoother all day long. And it's soap-free, dye-free and hypoallergenic and contains no added fragrance, so it's even gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Aveeno® Skin Relieve Body Wash leaves your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking.

The Aveeno® Brand has been Dermatologist recommended for nearly 60 years.

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Well personally I have no issues with using human shampoos if you're smart about it. I would just watch the eyes as usual :) I still do even though we use baby shampoo which I've always used on dogs (sorry... seems to always keep them smelling better longer then any expensive doggy shampoo that we've tried.)

Go ahead and try it :) let us know how it works.
My breeder recommended baby shampoo and conditioner for Charlie when he was a baby. I can't imagine what could be wrong with the oatmeal shampoo - they make oatmeal pet shampoos and I would think that people products would use higher quality ingredients. I may try that for Charlie's itchy skin next time I give him a bath.
Well, I gave him his first bath last night :) He did not enjoy it at all, but the Aveeno seemed to work really well! Cleaned him and he's not scratching as much as he was before, so yay. Plus, he doesn't smell like horses anymore! haha
haha i remember that farm smell =P but i dont like the wet-dog smell much more than that either. =P i try not to bathe him unless hes visibly dirty and itchy. =P
The main difference is that animal shampoos don't have to list ingredients. >) I also suspect that most of them are soap.
Soapless just means that it is not made of traditional natural soap (fat+alkali=soponification=soap). It's synthetic. When the salts in a traditional soap combine with hard water, they'll make a chalky residue that can be hard to wash off. Not a big deal if you used conditioner, because it'll slide off when you apply it.
Most human shampoos are "soapless". Soapless shampoos will not leave any residue. They usually are not very natural, if you're really into that. I'm not. :p
I use my own homemade soap to wash the dog, with rosemary and tea tree essential oils. It's probably not necessary, but I can control how mild the soap is this way. I used it for me too. When you made your own soap you have piles and piles of it. xD
I've totally used garnier fructis hair masque on the dog. I even made her sit there with it on for the full three minutes. She was slick as a mink afterwards!


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