This is a good one! My corgi's both love my couch. I bought a couch from Ikea and the both love to lick the cushions. Cushions have real feathers in them. My dogs (if I let them) would sit on the couch and lick the cushions all day. They think it is the greatest treat to try to jump on the couch and enjoy my cushions. YUM!

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haha neeka licks the couch but usually its to get her fur off it lol.
Joey prefers to sleep on my chair or loveseat at night. Both are leather and therefore, kind of cool at night. Lucky for me he WILL NOT sleep on the bed (Joey is a rescued Corgi and must have had stern training about being UP high, LUCKY FOR ME). He spends his days on the floor and nights alone on the LR furniture. Meanwhile Toonie the Sheltie is right there with me on the bed. I feel bad with Joey being all alone but that seems to be the nature of Corgis. At least in my case Joey is much more independent (except in the AM when he DEMANDS attention), often picking the furthest spot in the yard from me and Toonie.


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