I was pleased to learn that other owners also use the squirt bottle to stop the barking, especially since I've always felt a little guilty doing it. It's very effective in Bingo's case during most occasions, but it's the aggressive "pay attention to me NOW!" barking that gets so frustrating, as it tends to occur during times when play is not an option, and soothing petting only makes him more excited. We've tried ignoring him when he gets worked up like this but it only makes it worse. He HATES to be ignored! Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs? Other than the squirt bottle, any other suggestions on how to control this type of barking? I don't like to use the squirt bottle here because I worry it could increase aggressive behavior. Bingo is by no means an aggressive dog ordinarily. He has never growled at anyone except during play, even when we occasionally take away his bone while he's chewing it, just to show we are the pack leaders! But I'm at a loss here.

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You can try the mini airhorn, it's smaller than the size of your palm and it's LOUD, guarantee to stop all dogs and get their attention. You can get one from walmart, near the fishing aisle.
Most of the time, I would suggest more exercise and practice training. It seems that if Timmy has had enough exercise (mental and physical), he isn't up to much else, except dinner! Since Bingo is 4 years old and at the prime of his life he should be getting about 1 1/2 to 2 hours of exercise a day. That would include walks, ball chasing, training, tugging, wrestling and all other things you play together. Generally that kind of barking means that corgis haven't had enough play time. As Cesar says Exercise, Discipline, and Affection, make for very few problems (in my book it makes for one tired corgi, and a tired corgi is a very good corgi! LOL)

Another thing you can do if he's getting sufficient exercise and still persists on getting attention, give him a kong stuffed with some frozen pumpkin, yogurt, cottage cheese, or peanut butter. That should keep him busy for awhile. Mine loves them, especially on warm evenings or afternoon.
You are right, he probably is telling me he wants attention. I will set up play time on our terms so he doesn't do this at night when everyone is ready for bed. He tends to be so laid back during the day, even when I'm home, (that's probably because he's used to us being gone at that time for most of the week) so it doesn't always occur to me then. We have a busy household but he's part of the family too! Thanks!
Excellent suggestions! You can also try the air spray (like you use to clean your computer). You don't spray AT them, just BY them. It's a good attention getter. But, as Sylvia says, the more activity the better. Wear him out!
Duncan has a tendency to be more barky at the end of the week, due to my husband and my work schedule. I work from the middle of the week to the end of the week most of the time, and my husband is asleep during the day. So, usually on Thursday and Friday, he starts wanting more attention, and his is a whiney noise; which drives me more crazy than barking.
I play the quiet game with my corgi. She gets treats for sitting, laying down and being quiet. I've gradually worked up the amount of time I treat her for being quiet. We started with a few seconds. Now we're up to a few minutes. I use this tactic whenever I'm watching a movie or TV when I want some quiet for a little while. Random treats are given to the pups for being quiet and relaxed on the floor. The dogs get ignored if they bark and if it continues, they are removed into another room until they quiet down (or I walk away).

I also make sure I've exercised my dogs and it isn't just nervous energy. If they seem to be kinda wound up I'll do a training session or take them for a walk. Training makes them use their brain and can be just as tiring as a walk or a jog. I also have a few agility jumps for indoor/outdoor training that I use and practice handling moves on. She loves the exercise and it is FUN for her to work on maneuvers.

I'm not a fan of the spray bottle, can of pennies, air horn (dogs hearing is so sensitive!!!) or anything like that since I believe strongly in positive reinforcement training. There is always another positive solution out there.
Thank you for the great tips, I just purchased a clicker today to reward positive behavior. I have had to use the airhorn to break up a dog fight bewtween my sheltie and corgi.


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