Rylee is now about 14 months old and he weighs 38 pounds. We were wondering if this was a bit over weight or not.

We also have been changing his food a lot because he has become stubborn about eating it. We tried putting cottage cheese in with the mix and that lasted for a good week. Are there any specific brands out there we should look for?

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My male is 14 inches tall at the shoulder (two inches over standard) and at 34 pounds I can now see some of his ribs, which is why I said he's too thin. I've had a couple people comment to me, without my asking, that he looks a little skinny. Soooo, I can't speak for others, but in his case 34# is too thin. But he is oversized (over height by 2 full inches and built proportionally) so that is part of it in his case.
Tiki who is almost 2 is 30lbs and little bit overweight...have cut back her food a bit...hope to get her to about 28 lbs. Cruise, who is 9 months is taller than Tiki (and has much larger paws, larger head, etc.) but about 25-26 lbs already and he is very fit..he will end up being a larger corgi. To me I think it's more about how fit the dog is and the checks to see if they are overweight more so than the weight itself.
Without seeing your corgi, 38lb seems to me to be very heavy. Is he extremely heavy boned? Your Vet's office I think would be the best judge of what his healthy weight should be. I recently saw a male corgi that is 42lb, but he is oversized, and well proportioned for his bone structure.

Here is a link the some weight info on the AKC website:


Again, I would contact your vet/s office.
Ive just posted a discussion about my 9yr old female pembroke corgi's weight. You should definetly check out "thehonestkitchen.com". It is a raw dehydrated grain/gluten free brand. My corgi is an extremely picky eater which made us feel bad for her and kept feeding her scraps. Little did we know that we were really putting her at risk. we felt so bad bc she wasnt liking any of the foods we tried to put her on until i discovered the honest kitchen....Ive switched her to the honestkitchen brand food and she seems to be liking it...however, the weight is still there....maybe i need to feed her less...sometimes I feel as if Im feeding her normal and she still gains the weight.
Im struggling at this point bc I got her to like a food thats not human food but the weight is still an issue.
Please do not put any dairy in his food ...and ck out the food I reccomended....
Good luck
neeks is 1.2 years and 24 pounds, she WAS 30 about four months ago so i started excersizing her twice daily (not just walking, but runs, playing with other dogs, making mini obsticle courses) and cut her food down to 1/2 twice daily, with no treats or fattening bones, she lost 6 pounds in about a week and has kept it off just by getting exersize and cutting down on the table food she sometimes gets. i called my breeder because of all the overweight discussions in here and i couldn't
tell if she was overweight, the breeder told me yes, even though i thought she was big boned. since she lost the weight she looks trim/fit. i was told by my breeder that ALOT of corgi's are overweight and their owners don't think they are..causing future problems.


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