So I got my little Harlly, and all her baby pictures look like she has dark hair on her head, and she does for the most part.. But when i got her friday i notice it looks like she is turning into a red head! She has a mix of red and black hair. I was just wondering if she is going ot wind up a red headed tri insted of black headed? Lol not that it matters, just never new their markings could change so drastically!

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When I got Dax I wanted a red and white, not a tri (even though they're so cute. If I get another one it'll probably be a tri. Or a fluffy. I think they're so pretty). His back and most of his head was black, but it wasn't really dark black, the breeder said it would all turn red (probably the only thing she told me the truth about). Today at 6 months he's all red and while except for a little black on his ears. So yes, they can definitely change drastically! :)
Callie is a tri and her face has gotten lighter. It has more red and white than before but it is still dark. Everyone is now mistaking her for a German Shepard because of her markings (well only in pictures in real life they see that she is WAY to small!) I had a dog before who had a black face when she was a pup and by the time she turned a year old it was red.
Generally, you can tell whether or not she will stay a BHT (black headed tri) by the color of the hair on the inside of her ears. If it's black she'll most likely stay a BHT, otherwise she'll eventually turn mostly red and be a RHT (red headed tri). From what I can see in her pics, she'll most likely be a RHT.
I agree with Sylvia. When we picked Griffyn his breeder gave us the same information. You determine BHT from RHT by the color of their ears. Griffyn is a BHT and the fur on the inside edges of his ears as well as the outside of his ears was black. Looks to me like your little one is an RHT.
They chnage a lot from little puppy to big puppy time. Penelope was almost all black up until 3-4 weeks of age...if you look at the pictures on my page it gives you an idea of how a tri will change, a red head tri anyway...
yeah right now the inside of her ears are all red, and the back of them are mostly red too! So im guessing she will be a red head.. how cute! Thanks for the replies everyone! Its so strange they they change so much in color, but i guess its normal, i was born with dark hair, and then it turned bleach blonde, and now its like a reddish ash blonde. So why wouldnt a puppy go through similar changes?
Emmie is a tri and my breeder told me the coloring on the head could change and at 6months her head is no longer black, but mxed with red. Her father was a red headed tri and her mother had a black with brown trim like a dobie head. Connie
A comparison for you:

Basil at 5 weeks old
Basil - 5 Weeks

Basil 8 Weeks Old

Basil at 3.5 Months old
3.5 months old

Basil 6 Months Old
Waiting on the vet

I figured when I picked him out of the litter he'd be a red-headed tri. Pretty much all the black has receeded off of his head and red is crawling up his front legs and hips. He's got more black on his back than I thought he would though. :) It is always funny to me to see comparison pictures of tri-colored corgis getting into their real coat color.
Here's Ofelia at the breeder's.

And here's her most recent picture.

I wish I had taken a picture of her every day in the same position infront of a wall. It was so much fun to watch her colors changing. I didn't know how she would turn out because both of her parents are r&w, so I had no reference.
Grover's colors changed A LOT. When we got him, he was mostly red and white, with just a bit of black on his face, like a mask. Now, he has some black on his butt (his nubby tail) and his shoulders and more on his ears. He's definitely probably closer to a sable now, but we thought he'd be a red and white! But he's still the cutest cutey in Cutey Land. :)
Pictures of Grover's lovely transistion! I hope other's post pics! I love seeing how everyone's babies have changed!

This is him now:

Pups are all so cute but when getting a pup and you have a preference for BHT or RHT make sure you ask the breeder to see photos of parents, grandparents or older siblings from same breeding combo and you will have a cleared idea of what your pup will look like at maturity as they can/do change.


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