I just had to get a census if other Corgi owners have to deal with a poopy behind after your little one does a #2. She has her good days & her bad days, but I didn't know if something was wrong with her or if this is sometime that others have to deal with regularly as well...

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Theo has had his bad days on occasion like any other dog. I use pet wipes to get him nice and clean.

Don't forget the all powerful pumpkin. If your pup's stool is a little loose, it can help firm it up (and vice versa!).
we buy baby wipes and wipe codys behind with it when he gets runny poo. it only happened prob about 3-4x in the past yr. he is so funny becuase when he goes and he notice that its on his hair in the back, he pauses and doesnt move like hes embarrassed or something. so cute. lol
oh when spence is "overstimulated", i.e. doggy daycare, we have poopy butt. I use the wipes for babies(sensitive formula)...they work great!
The problem we've had (how do I put this?) is that the poop doesn't get all the way out. Some is left hanging. Another corgi owner complained about this, and said he thought having no tail somehow affected the function of the sphincter. Anything to this? Trying to (clumsily) wipe this is what usually gets it into the fur.
If the poop doesn't come all the way out, well, you're going ot have to pull it out. I've had to do this a few times, especially if they shredded a rope toy. I know...total ewww factor but it's got to be done. I now don't let them play unsupervised with any rope/cloth toys since they'll eat it otherwise (which can't be good) and I know I'll have to help it out the other end

Baby wipes are great for cleaning up the tush after a clingy or drippy poop. They're also great for just general cleaning (dirty paws, dirty bellies, muddy faces) and don't cost as much.
Chuck Norris is pretty clean about that- but then again he also has his girlfriend Roxy to help with grooming. How trimmed his is tail/nub?
Toby has this problem as well. when he comes in we do a "butt check" and clean him with baby wipes. Our vet also suggested adding bran cereal to his food and it helps. the groomer can cut a "poop chute" to help as well.
I keep a stock of baby wipes (unscented) on hand to deal with this. Since Basil has had giardia twice I've been using them like crazy.

I also trim the area a bit to help him out. I think puppies go through this for a bit off and on while they're building up their immune system. Also useful when puppies get into dirt and stuff.
I refer to Tori as "Princess PoopyPants".

I need to get out my horse clippers and trim up a path for her back there.
When we first got Chloe and she was on purina, she got it every time. when we switched to canidae she got it no more! we are switching to CORE so we will see how that goes..
Oh...joys...I know I'll have a bountiful amount of poopy butt. Cloud, our Weim, has had his fair share--including an explosion in my boyfriend's truck and the living room (not on the same day--living room happened this time last year and the truck incident was my birthday.)

Dangly poop has happened at least 3 times so far this year--poor Cloud. I have super long hair and it really doesn't matter how much I vacuum and clean, he finds my hair. Course, he loves to lick me when I'm in the shower or in the tub and gets a fair amount there-heh.

I imagine that Freya will be subjected to same problem. Poor thing, I am sooo sorry what mommy's hair will subject us both through. Dangly, poopy, humiliation that will most likely spread throughout the house.

I will say, that Cloud is sooo funny when it happens. He twirls around left and right....runs in poop position trying to figure out what's going on. Sigh....pretty funny and pretty gross.
Yes, we also do butt checks each time we go out as Monty will tend to get poopy butt if he eats something outside he is not supposed to or gets too stressed. I even have the travel case for wipes in my purse for our shopping trips so we don't get any poopy butts in the car. I just get the bulk bag of sensitive care wipes in the baby aisle and fill up the foyer dispenser and the to go dispenser as needed. MUCH cheaper than buying doggie wipes.


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