Rumor has it getting a Corgi neutered too soon could/will make them grow tall. Are the rumors true? Has anyone experienced this personally? We work at Petsmart, so we smell all kinds of dog smells all day long, and i'd like to prevent marking as soon as possible. Our vet at Petsmart told me 4 months old is a fine age to get him neutered and that it will have no effect on him growing taller, but i'd like to get some input from others before we take the cut (pun very intended). :)


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The biggest consideration you need to make is what is your planned future for your dog. Those that are active in performance sports do not like to get their dogs neutered early. Some do get a bit taller but not noticeably for the casual dog owner. Performance folks like to allow the hormones control the growth. Many serious competitors will also x-ray their knees prior to neutering as well as before beginning heavier training. I generally recommend waiting until six months.
When I asked my trainer when she recommends getting a dog neutered she said that for males she waits until the balls drop, and then that's when they come off. That's what I did, and ended up getting Theo neutered around 6 months.
This sounds like an old wives tale..seems kind of silly to me :)

Our vet will not neuter until a puppy is 6months old, btw.
Interesting, thanks for the link, I've never heard anything like this!
Thank you so much for posting that link. My boy wont be going under the knife till his pebbles drop! Thanks so much for that link!
I did some research on published papers after reading that link a while back concerning pediatric speuters. There doesn't seem to be any published evidence showing issues with getting a dog spayed or neutered prior to 6 months of age. Surgery becomes more dangerous the older a dog or cat is and recovery times become longer with increased risk for complications.

I know lots of trainers (even at the school I teach at) still recommend waiting until at least six months and later if possible especially if you're considering any type of performance sport. Err on the side of caution I suppose.
Hey There! I have not hear that they grow taller but I have heard that you need to make sure that they are older rather than younger. The vet is correct in that at 4 months they can have the proceedure. My breeder told me that 10-11 months is better as you get to see their full personality by then. When the hormones hit they change a bit and that is good to see so that you will know what they are really like. I have not experienced any type of marking but I can say that my little guy is acting more like a man now that he is closer to 10 months. We are having Nick neutered at 11 months in November. Also, take into consideration that if your guy is a monarchid (one testicle descends) then it will cost more for the vet to go into the abdomen and get the other one out. The vet may say that it is alright to leave it but our breeder says that by doing that you are leaving the dog open to cancer. So, good luck with your little one. :O)
Quite an interesting set of facts! Good to know and read about thank you ^^


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