What is your Corgi's official registered name? Is it something silly?

Gibson's official name is "Sir Gibson the Pumpkin Eater"

I call him Gibson Gibson Pumpkin Eater all the time :)

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We liked the name Penelope, and my husband loves the Odyssey (Penelope is Odysseus' wife), so we kepy the mythology theme. Penelope's dad was from Norway so, we used Norse mythology- Frejya (the goddess of beauty) and we just used our last name to finish it.

So, she is Penelope Frejya *our last name*
I was kinda in a hurry, so Mochi's official registered name is "Mochi Baby" ha ha I kinda want to change it though, can you?
Although Shippo cannot be conformation shown, he's got a registered name.

"Ravinel Fox Magick"

I'm pretty stoked about it, because his breeder let me choose the registered name. <3
My girls reg.name is Miss Hello Kitty and it fits her!
Too bad, I didn't think about this opportunity before! I registered him as Charlie. But if I did it now, I would register him as "Charlie, The Hobbit".

There is my train of thoughts :) When I chose my puppy, he somehow reminded me "Charlie" personage from the "Lost" TV Show. I guess, something about his ears, he-he. But the same actor played a part in the LOTR movies. He was among Frodo friends. So it goes, Charlie, The Hobbit :)
That is funny! Penny is loosely named after Penelope Widmore of Lost!!!
We knew Ein could never been shown because he's a bluie, but I registered him anyways. His registered name is Little Einstein.
Duncan is registered as Duncan Donut. The Donut was my husband's contribution. I knew when I whenever I got another corgi, and if it were a male, Duncan was going to be his name. (I forget now what it was going to be for a female). So, everytime I would say his name, to get him use to it; my husband would call him Donut. Maybe not a very elegant or regal name, but, it brings a smile to our face.
Blaze is Steppenwolf's Blaze of Glory. The breeder laughed when I told her - being a rock fan as well, she loved it!! After all, her kennel is named "Steppenwolf!! :)
I have jus started filling out Zero's papers and have no idea what I want his registered name to be I kinda wanna stick with the Nightmare before christmas themebut dont know where to go with it.... Any suggestions from anyone? :o)
Hrm......I'm kinda partial to Zero Flydog, hehehehe. Lessee...there was a doctor named Finklestein, Jack's last name was Skellington, the villian of the movie was named Oogie Boogie...the character of Zero itself was a ghost dog, so you can build on that, too. Here are a few more that are just for fun (they make me giggle, I'm easily entertained)

Zero Finkle
Zero Skelliween
Zero Oogie Booger
Zero HellHound
lol aww thanks so much Zero oogie booger is too cute! I was thinking maybe Pumpking Jack's Zero


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