I'm a new dog owner and I've started with a Corgi, so I have a question (something I've been wondering)- how come my Corgi doesn't raise his hind leg when he pees? I've seen other dogs do it, and I thought that's what dogs do when they have to go. However, Ender just lowers his back slightly and goes. Is this a trait common to Corgis, small dogs, anything else? I've always kinda thought the raising the hind leg and going was a "marking" thing and because I got mine from a breeder, that this trait had been weeded out. What's the deal behind this?

By the way, sorry if I'm asking the most basic of questions or anything. Like I said, I'm new at this and this is the first dog I've ever owned or been around for an extended period of time.

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Nikon started lifting his leg around 5 months, but its not really a lift cuz he only rasies it like half inch of the ground, might as well keep it on the ground. lol He still goes in between a lift and a squat. I think it is mainly because they have short legs and it is easier for them to squat then to lift one leg.
Caleb continues to amaze me with the lengths he will go to to try and pee halfway up a tree. Ok, maybe not halfway up a tree, but much higher than one would expect from dog with such little legs!!! He's ambidextrous too, so whichever leg he needs to lift to hit the perfect spot on that tree is the leg he lifts. But he'll be 2 in January, so we're past the puppy phase.
Like Nikon, Sidney raises one leg, but just a tiny bit. You would hardly notice! I thought it had to do with those oh so short little legs. He was neutered at age 6 months, if that makes any difference.

Welcome, and please ask whatever you need to. The folks here are wonderful, and I'm glad I found this website!
By the way, what does Ender's name mean? Is there a story about his name?
Ender is the main character from the book "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, my favorite book of all time. Ender is the Third pet I've had (for those that have read the book and know the reference). The first two were not named Peter and Valentine, sadly (didn't think that far ahead at the time).

Ender is about 5 and a half months old now. He was just neutered a couple of days ago. Thanks for everyone's answers! I thought I was stupid for asking this question, but I guess there's a lot that's still unpredictable about dogs that I have yet to learn.

Is lifting the leg considered a bad thing? I mean, why don't they just squat to pee all their lives? Why do they feel the need to lift their legs later on?
It's to aim at the objects they want to mark. If they want to mark the trunk of a tree for example they need to lift the leg.
My male pup Basil will occasionally lift his leg at 7 months. Most of the time he does not though. My two year old female lifts her leg more often than he does outside.

Not sure why it happens. It sure made trying to figure out if he was peeing difficult when he was a baby.
I know! Dee Dee is female, and I thought there was something wrong with her when I first saw her pee with her leg up. She does it almost everytime, just a bit off the ground. She is my first dog I got over 8 yrs ago, but I didn't know female dogs raised thier legs too until I got her. Maybe it's a Corgi thing... :p
Sunny still just squats but Zim will lift his leg to mark. We try not to get him to mark on his brother- seems to be his favorite thing to do, poor Sunny goes to pee and Zim almost pees on top of him. Funniest thing- their mom lift her leg too- I'd never seen a girl dog do that.
cody did the exact same thing by lowering his back forward and peeing when we was a puppy. eventually around 6 months he realized that he peed on himself so he began to lift his leg. lol just give him time. i wouldnt force him to lift his leg and let it come eventually.
haha, Gibson pees like that too. I hope he never lifts his leg...
Trunks started lifting his leg around 6-8 months, I think. Trunks will lift his leg when peeing quick, but he squats most of the time. I don't think you need to worry. Trunks also does the same thing as Ein. Every pup is different. He'll lift his leg when he's ready.
sometimes Spencer lifts his leg, sometimes he doesn't.....AND sometimes its his right and then his left. Its like he is testing it all out to see what works for him...I am not too worried about it....he will do it when and if he wants to!


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