As I sit here, both Augie and Charlotte are staring at me, grumbling, and trying to get my attention. They think it is time to eat ( I said they can tell time). So here's my question, do your corgis talk to you? Not bark, more like whimpering, grumbling,and little noises to try to get your attention. If I try to ignore them, they just get louder, and more pitiful sounding. Charlotte also does this at the door, when she needs to go out..

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Our Archie is more vocal than any human in this house.  He sounds like a Wookie, and always talks when we come home, even if we have only been just outside in the garden!  He also greets every single one of us in the morning, like he has missed us as we have been sleeping for Years!!!

there are the whisper "woof"s to get my attention. If those fail it turns into a full-on corgi bark.

there is the familiar corgi "whine & wiggle" used in numerous circumstances.

It's usually used as a "please", as in "please may I come up on the bed now?"

There is a little growl if he is disturbed whilst in a comfy position.

but our favourite is the "silent sass". We are sure he is mouthing some smug remark. It is usually preceeded by a scolding remark or glare from one of us...

Oh yes, Wynn is my biggest talker with Arooos every morning  and also argues with me. All of mine do a muffled bark at the coyotes that pass through during the night.
Mine will bark to alert, but when excited makes a sound that I can best describe as a yodel. Really funny!


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