I'm wondering what your corgi's favorite toys are. I'm looking for more interactive ideas that can give my corgi more exercise.

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Soccer in an off-leash play area. Cruise thrift stores/yardsales for balls. Actual soccer balls have a padded surface which invites teeth, and are just a bit heavy. A water polo ball was a favorite while it lasted, light, lively. Current favorite: a child's-size basketball, 8-9" diameter, tough basketball skin, toothproof, fast. They never tire of this. If I kick the ball airborne, Al will sometimes get under it and take it straight on his snout, so I worry about his teeth and neck; this is why you want to keep the weight as small as possible. Make up your own games/rules; I cal it "AlGwynnball" (after Calvinball, wherein you make up the rules as you go).
They've learned to herd the ball all on their own; they don't need me anymore.
Soccer balls are great! Ginny scoots them around with her nose and bats at them with her paws. One of our favorite toys is the "Jolly Ball" which is sold at pet stores and is a red, soccer-sized ball with a handle on it. Added bonus that this can carry it around, and I can kick it.
Regulation tennis balls. No other "toy" lasts longer than a few hours. The pet store brand tennis balls dont last long either. All of my dogs stuffed animals are destuffed in less than 24 hours and then they usually play tuggy with them until they are shredded. Rope toys last a while and then they end up as piles of string all over the house. The tennis balls are replaced once they are deflated or defuzzed.
Fetch It! I love this and it's coming out with more balls! I use the rubber looking ones but I bought Livvy one with rope hair for Christmas! You can throw it with a launcher and send it flying far far away or just do short distances and bounce it. Livvy catches these balls usually after one bounce...she just flies! You will want to start out slow though...one day I really was throwing them and I sent it down hill...Livvy was sore the next day so work up the length!


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