so i have been playing fetch with my pups a lot lately but it feels like i am getting more excercize then them. I will get a stick or a ball or a frisbee and through it and they run after it, retrieve it, lay down and chew on it. How do i get them to bring it back?

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For some dogs it takes time to learn the retrieve. Some dogs arent interested at all. I would consider playing the game with one pup at a time. If they are together chances are that they are keeping their "prize" from the other hence the laying down to chew on it. When they pick it up keep encouraging them to come to you. In the beginning of the single sessions dont throw it far, just enough so they have to take a few steps to pick it up. I think with some practice you will find this works.
Gus is one of those "not interested at all" dogs. He has clearly communicated with us over the past year and a half that he doesn't "do" fetching. It didn't matter what we tried - short distances, keeping him on a lead, offering rewards for returning the frisbee or ball... he just isn't in to the whole running after it and bringing it back thing. He is happy to chew on it otherwise, but prefers to play in ways other than fetching!
My corgi, Joey, will ONLY play with a round ball and, as you mentioned, play a limited game of fetch. He LOVES the 3" soft latex green/black soccer ball made by Toy getting very hard to find. It has a great squeaker and is very soft for small Corgi mouths.
Joey will bring the ball around and give you (I'm sure this is a dated term, but,,,"wagon room"...kind of elbow space......a few inches....will give you a small chance to take the ball. He has learned to play steal the ball with a neighbouring Golden. I'm so happy with a dog that likes to fetch and play...I've always been a Sheltie owner and really love this little resuce Corgi!
Isn't fetch a great game. Dog gets all kinds of exercise and we don't have to!!! LOL
I see that Joey has perked up and is beginning to play. That's so great! Has his paw and elbow issue resolved?
at least your runs after it. my corgi will only play fetch inside, if i take her outside to play with a ball she just sits and stares at me like im stupid.
i finally gave up and just got her a ball that takes batteries and turn it on for her and let her chase it around.
Generally you DON' Corgi does the same thing. He's out to please himself, not me. I have found that if I play the fetch game standing up and just lightly side kick the ball for him it's easier and he brings it back to the start point more often.
Ein only likes to play fetch with his 'dude', one of those stuffed dogs that lookes like a tube of fabric that resembles a dog, like one of the loofa brand guys.
We typically start with a frap in the house and a few laps of the hallway and some wrassling (tug) before we open the back door and run out back to really get our play on. Fetch, chasing and of course barking his head off like carzy at the fence dogs cause he's a snarky brat.
lol. For the longest time, Bertie would only play fetch indoors, but not outside. I would tell people this was because he didn't want any other herding dogs see him "retrieve." Then he invented a game where he sat in a living room chair, and I sat on the floor throwing the ball to him, which he would catch, chew, then drop so it would roll back to me (which meant I had to crawl around the floor after it). But he's NOT spoiled or anything! Now that he's an older man of 4, he actually enjoys a good game of tennis ball fetch, even outside, and doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks anymore. But he still only brings the ball back so far -- sometimes to my feet, other times several yards away -- just to make sure I will bend to his Corgi will (and of course I do.....).
Try an old soccer ball, a light one slightly underunflated.
Al & Gwynn love tennis balls, but we trespass on a local paved playground where they LOVE to play soccer with a ball that used to have a skin on it. They never tire of this and are quite good soccer players.
I forget how it happened, but Al especially did learn to herd the soccer ball right back to me (Gwynn often intercepts, ruining his aim). I think part of it was simply waiting in one place. He got the idea that if the soccer ball was going to be kicked or thrown again, he was going to have to bring it back to me.
Al has bounced the soccer ball into the air with his nose 6 consecutive times without letting it hit the ground.

I think they first caught the idea of bring a tennis ball back was inside the house, where the distances are small.

And yes, this may have to be learned one-on-one.
I just got my boy a ball that is light weight but slightly bigger than his mouth. I guess you could say he "herds" it all over the house. He will take it around our table and then always puts it up against this shelf and cries when it gets stuck under it. I toss it away and we repeat the game. Its so cute!

He also figured out fetch on his own. I get him to sit between tosses and he's so excited when I toss it again. He romps around with the prize and then brings it right back.
LO LOVES fetch, it's great because he gets his exercise. We use a tennis ball for bouncyness and LO jumps and twists to catch it. We love watching him. Now our rescue mix Rex just looks at me like I am crazy "you want me to get of this comfy couch and get the little round green thing...nah I think I'll pass"
Seamus is sooooo bad about that. Here's what I do. Get two or three toys he really likes then throw one. He'll chase it, grab it, then wave one of the other toys near you and he'll run back to you bringing it with him (hopefully) and drop it anticipating the next toy to be thrown. dry, rinse, and repeat. If it works they end up getting a great workout and you just have to sit or stand there.


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