I am just writing because I am annoyed... sorry, I have to get this off my chest.

I went to FOUR places today with Tegan. Three pet stores, and a dog park, and AT LEAST 9 people asked if he was a corgi mix? No one thought he was pure bred....

is he really not that pretty of a corgi or it cause he's a tri color? Do other tri colors get this comment? He's a little long for a corgi, but he is proper height! (he's a chunk though.) Feel free to look at his pics on our page and let me know.

I'm so annoyed. I get that every time we go anywhere and I'm beginning to get offended. :(

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Im not sure if other people have said this (im not going to read all the entries) a LOT of people have only seen the stereo typical corgi red and white; while the corgi savvy bunch know that they come in different colors. Personally I told a friend about my soon to be puppy and she asked me if it was a pure bred on the simple base that the puppy was a tri. They're just ignorant and now know the truth. ^_^
I totally feel you MollyJo, I have a blue merle cardigan and every one is always asking what kind of mutt he is because corgis don't come in blue and most people have never seen a cardigan. I always like being able to say "no, he's a purebred, haven't you ever seen one before?" And then its exciting because people always exclaim about his beautiful markings. I think Tegan's a beautiful dog! I've also found that a lot of people are asking if they are a mix because they think your dog looks awesome and they are wondering what kind of mix breed they would have to find to get a dog that looks that cool. Most people I have talked to are excited to discover that the purebreds come in the unusual colors, because its makes it easier for them to get one that color.
Smile and tell them that he's the most rare color of PWC. Be proud, he's handsome. :)
Someone once said mine look like a cross between a beagle and a German Shepherd. :-) I guess they sorta do!
Until Ragnar's ears went up, everyone thought he was a husky. Now they think he's a Australian shepherd mix. Nobody's ever seen a blue merle, I guess. Plus puppies often don't look like the dog they'll become
He looks like a full Corgi. I do think it's just the coloring that throws people off. Most are used to seeing a red Pem with a docked tail and anything outside of that must be a mix. People always think Finn is a mix, usually a Pembroke mix or a Basset/Australian Shepherd. The tail and the coloring confuse them. I get a little annoyed by it when people don't ask, they just tell me like I don't know what my dog is and even after I correct them they look at him and make some remark like "I'd bet theirs some Australian in there" or "but that's a not a natural color". I'm happy to answer questions about my dog or the breed in general but I hate when people have that know it all air about them.
Don't you just love that? Like you've been bamboozled, or you just don't know what your dog is and they do. We don't have a lot of purebreds around here, so even that is unusual.

Of course, sometimes I have to stop myself when someone has a dog and they actually don't even know what they bought. I ran into a woman in the P.O. the other day, and she had a tiny fluffy chihuahua in her arms. I asked if it was a long haired chi, and she told me medium hair, because mom was long and dad was short. Like the genes split the difference! :/
I think you should buy or make your corgi a tee that says "yes I am a purebred corgi!" haha. but your corgi is lovely.
One day on one of our walks I had a little old man stop me and ask me if my dogs are supposed to look like that. He said...." Well ya know sometimes people get to mixing their dogs up and they dont come out right!" I assured him that they were normal. I couldnt help but giggle as we walked on. I have found that a lot of people are not familiar with the breed and around here there really arent that many.
Tegan is absolutely perfect. I have only met 2 black headed tri's in person so they are even more rare around here. I think when you mention Corgi, many people automatically think of the Queen's red and whites so there is confusion when you bring a tri into the picture.
Algy and Tegan look a lot alike. Whenever we take him places, people usually say, "he's a corgi, isn't he?" I would say that the others are correct. People usually see the red and whites.

Don't let it get to you, just take pleasure in the fact that he caught someone's eye. He's a cutie!
Looks like a handsome corgi to me. I agree the tri throws people. I have a red and white pem and most people recognize her breed.
We used to always get comments from people telling us what mix our dogs were, even when we told them they were in fact corgis. They would say no no I know corgis, or I grew up with corgis or my friend breeds corgis and those are not corgis... What can you do. I just smile and say oh ok...haha
Now that we have two those comments dont happen as often because, although they are different colors they are the same so people usually agree with us now :) But when we have them individually, or especially when we just had Mickey we got oh what a beautiful teckel/collie mix :)


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