Hi Everybody, I was curious when did your Corgi's ears pop up?  I think life would be a lil easier when they prop up due to cleaning.  Thanks.

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Orion's ears came up at about 12 weeks but that was after about three days of taping, haha. I've been told he has big ears, even for a corgi, so they had some trouble getting up
You taped em?
yup, it's in the faq.
Sure did



Gizmo's ears popped up around twelve weeks also. I don't even remember when exactly. It's almost as if it just happened overnight. I have seen some corgis though where one ear pops up while the other remains down for a little longer.
Moose's didn't stand up until this past december/january when he was 5 or 6 months old, I can't remember exactly, but it took awhile. he still has semi floppy ears now. His one ear popped up and the other was down for about 3-4 weeks.
Jordan was around 5-6 months when we finally taped him up he was in the tape for a week.
If he gets to be 12 weeks and they're still not up, tape 'em.

My boy puppy who went overseas, Kipling, had the largest ears I have EVER seen on a puppy and I had to tape him for over a month! A typical Pembroke ear can often be taped overnight or for two days max and they'll be up. Cardigans often require a couple of three-day sessions. Kip was definitely an exception, but we DID get those ears up!
What did you use to tape them?
Blue painters tape
Haha really? Doesn't the dog scratch it off?


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