How cuddly/snuggly is your corgi and what's normal?

My 6-month old corgi is not cuddly or snuggly at all! I wonder if it's because I got her when she was almost 5 months old. Will she become more cuddly as she gets older? I've never been harsh with her, never punish her, I always play with her a lot, praise her, etc.

Also, she always seems more excited to see other people than she is to see me. When I come home and let her out of her kennel, she doesn't really seem excited to see me. There's no wiggle butt, no jumping, no whinning noises...just a "oh, you're feed me " kind of deal. I sometimes think she gets peeved because I put her in her kennel when I have to go to work. However, when we go outside, she loves on other people. When she sees my neighbors, she races off to though I'm the wicked stepmother who's been beating her. I literally let go of the leash when she sees them because she'll pull so hard on the leash otherwise. Sigh...makes me a little jealous.

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I've had several corgis over my life and most were a little aloof. I remember our first corgi was very aloof, but we got her from a kennel after she'd had one litter so we didn't have her early. I think that might be part of it. Our current corgi is an absolutel cuddle-bunny and when I took her to the dog shows for her obedience trials other corgi owners would come up and saw 'how come she is so loving?' Ivy will give you a hug any time, loves to lie on the coach with me when I'm watching Dancing with the Stars, and EVERYONE gets a very big hello when they arrive. We got her when she was 7 weeks old and she came from a breeder with two young daughters who 'cuddled' the puppies continually. It might make a difference.
Well Bailey is definitely not a snuggler but hopefully I can train her to become one. She won't lie down next to me for anything longer than a minute or two, then it's off to play. If she wants to take a nap, she'll go lie down in front of the door (it's tiled and I guess she likes how it feels).

She just shows her affection in funny ways...for example, she won't play with her toys (I keep them in the living room) unless I'm right there with her. I don't necessarily have to be playing with her. I can be sitting on the couch but as long as I'm there, she'll play with her toys. However, if I go to the dining room area to get some work done, she'll stop playing, come up to me and watch me, bark, jump up, etc, until I rejoin her in the living room. She'll also take one of her toys, come up to me, sit on my lap and proceed to chew the toy. However, if I try to hold her in my lap, nuh-uh - she wants to be free.

It's a work in progress :-)
Like everyone else has said, its partially a personality thing and where they spent the first of their puppy months. My pup Bartleby was raised with a family and other puppies, and while he likes to run around, explore and smell when he's fully awake and squirming away from me, its hard to get him off my lap when he's sleepy. If I shove him off my lap when he's tired, he'll constantly attempt to get back on there.
Since this thread has been resurrected, can we get a statement from the OP about how their unsnuggly dog has turned out? ..for closure, ya know?
I was told to expect female corgis to be more independent.  Twinkie has certainly lived up to that.  If I want cuddle time, I need to catch her first!  Now that she is older (three) she will co-sit with me on the couch but not cuddle up to me.  As far as being excited to see us when we return home, she does get up and come to say HI at least.  Lucky for her, she is so darned cute!

We rescued a corgi that was 5 & had no attention before that... She cant get enough snuggles- I dont think there is any set rules!!! 


this was made back in 2008....i wonder if shes cuddly now?


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