I don't have a Corgi of my own yet, but plan to get one this summer. I've done a lot of research, read a lot of articles, as well as many discussions on various online forums and blogs, but one thing that I have hard time finding good information about is a good list of similarities and differences between the two Corgi breeds.

From what I've read, the differences I found so far are as follows:
- Cardis are slightly bigger (taller/longer) than Pems
- Cardis always have a tail while Pems maybe be born with a natural bob-tail or have it docked at a young age
- Cardis also have larger, rounder ears than Pems
- Pems come in red/white, sable, or tri colors, Cardis come in all of those, plus various brindle and merle variations
- Cardis are generally said to be more calm, while Pems are knows for their hyperness

If you have anything to add onto this list or to correct it, please do reply. I'd love to hear thoughts on personality differences especially since that's not as obvious as the different looks.

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I have a Pem and a Cardi. My Pem will turn 6 on Wednesday and my Cardi is almost 18 months. They're both great dogs! I don't think you could go wrong with any corgi, could you? Nah! Not possible!
What a cute picture! The pups surely love their mom :) They are both lovely!
Curious - is it just the angle, or are their head structures really as different as they look? I don't think I've noticed such a pronounced difference in head shape before, but I haven't seen many pictures of a pem and a cardi side by side like that either.
I second that!!

I am a little partial to the pembroke...ITS ALL ABOUT THE BUNNY BUTT!
How cute!!! Oh I just want to squeeze and love her, what a cutie, that's a truly exceptional photo!
Thanks! She's definitely a keeper! Our first Corgi...not our last :-)
Oh thats a great photo! Aww!
I don't really think you can go wrong with any corgi. I would like to be a corgi collector! My husband better keep an eye on me, because once you have one, you will want more! Our Corgi (PEM) is very friendly, loves kids, extremely intelligent, and wound for sound! She needs to have a lot of love and attention. We run her at least twice a day (throw a frisbee, ball etc..). She needs to be kept busy at all times...(lots of toys). She is a snuggle bug too! She loves belly rubs and her cat. We love her...can't remember what life was like before her...don't miss it! She has become one of the most precious members of our family. We definitely recommend a Corgi of any shape or size! We are planning on getting Epi a little sister soon!
ahahah said so true! the lady down the street had one corgi when i moved in and is now working on three! (her first is about to wait for her at the rainbow road.. he's 14 now) They are so sweet though :)
I would say that the racial difference in temperment is small compared to the individual dog difference. Two corgwyn (sp?) from the same litter can easily have much more difference than a random Cardi and Pem.

The other thing to note is that Cardis barks are clearly lounder than Pems.

Hope this helps.
We've had 3 Pems, their personalities vastly different. There must be a lot of overlap between the breeds.

I've heard that Cardiganshire is more hilly/mountainous than Pembrokeshire, and this has something to do with a difference in their leg structure??

As for tails, Nature gives most quadrupeds a tail (there are exceptions), and I think it is extremely presumptuous of us to deprive the animal of its tail just because we want to for whatever reason. The foxy tails of Cardis are gorgeous, and so are the tails of Pems. When my Pems curl up beside my sleeping bag under the mountain sky, they're looking for that warm tail to stuff their nose under. I give them my jacket.

I hope this arbitrary, capricious docking fashion ends soon. Sure the bunny-butt might be cute, but just imagine all the tail-wagging you're missing when they greet you at the door.
On the topic of Cardigans versus Pembrokes...and tails...

The correct standard Cardigan tail is set low and to be carried close to the hock. A high tail or a curled tail are serious faults. I assume that the correct carriage would prevent a Cardigan from having his tail bitten or stomped when herding livestock, and a faulty high or curly tail would increase the risk of injury.

The correct Pembroke tail is "docked" or a natural bobtail under 2 inches in length. I assume that giving the different skeletal structures in Cardis and Pems, that most Pembrokes' natural tails are either set too high or are curled, which would increase the risk of damage while herding.

Debbie, Since you have close to 20 years of experience with both Cardis and Pems, as well as seeing countless Corgis through your work as a rescue chair, can you input as to whether my assumptions are correct?


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