Do you have a dog that loves the way his/her dry food tastes?

I've been feeding my 6 month old corgi Purina Puppy Chow and he loves it. But I feed my 3 year old corgi Purina Dog Chow and she is very, very slow to get it down...I don't think she likes the taste of it. (She'd rather have the puppy chow but my vet said no to that.) I add a little beef broth to make it more appealing but she still doesn't want it. I'd like to buy her food that actually tastes good and is good for her. Any suggestions?

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Charlie loves Canidae All Life Stages. Before that, he was a pretty picky eater. Now he's like a vaccuum cleaner. : - )
ok, thanks for the recommendation--it's a much better place to start than just randomly buying something off the shelf =)
Well every dog is different. I tried Charlie on about 4 different foods, and I've only had him since September. I'd suggest buying the smallest bag (usually 5lbs) in case your dog doesn't like it or it doesn't agree with him. When you find the right one, move up to the "econo-size". : - ) (And remember to switch slowly to any new food, mixing the old with the new to avoid tummy upsets.)
Lance loves Natural Balance Duck and Potato, he was so excited to get it the first time I gave it to him. He could not sit still, it was so funny!! He especially went crazy for the wet food. I only give hi the wet food as a treat, not all the time. Petsmart is the only place to carry it by me besides the specialty pet places.
Ein seems to be liking this too, of course its only 50/50 in his dry kibble right now since I'm weaning him off the stuff they fed him at the shelter.
Both of my mom's dogs like the Natural Balance too.

I wish our Petsmart caried it, or that we had a Petco (who has caried it since it came out) but its worth the trip out to the other side of town to pick up such a great and affordable chow for him and the NB for cat too.
At our obedience trainer, they actually use dry kibble as training treats, because the dogs all love it so much. They use Wellness brand. We use Wellness Puppy for Sidney and he likes it a lot. It is definitely pricier than Purina but is much better for them. I do not believe that the big stores sell it and you may need to check at your smaller Mom & Pop kind of pet stores. Photobucket
My 17 month old corgi, Tiki, is very fussy...have tried her on numerous foods...she likes them foir a while, then gets bored. Of the kibble she seems to like the Merrick brand foods but I need to mix them with come canned merrick foods...she will not eat the dry alone. She used to eat this just fine then she started to turn her noe up at the time to switch again...she is very finicky. I have now switched her to a food called wholemeals (new concept in dog food) which are full meals all in one bone/chewstick because she loves to chew. So far she likes them and eats them right up...we'll see for how long. I know they probably do not rate as high as Merrick but at least she's eating them. Our new puppy, Cruise, is 14 weeks old and the breeder was feeding him purina one dry puppy food...which he loves...but, unlike Tiki, Cruise will eat anything and everything..he is a little vacuum cleaner. I am thinking on changing his food...but then again, he loves it so i'll probably just stick with it.
Just a quick note on price for anyone who has had "sticer shock" when looking at premium food prices. The premium foods are pricier, but not as pricey as they seem at first. Comparing price per pound is not accurate, as you will feed fewer cups per day of a premium food for better nutrition, and more cups per day of an inexpensive brand. In other words, if your dog eats 1 1/2 pounds per day of the store brand, a premium brand is likely to require 1 pound or less per day. The difference in "cost per day" is pennies.
We sneak little flavor boosters into Piper's dry food bowl -- a small amount of milk, a small swirl of wet food, or a squeeze of one of those bottled flavorings. We use just small amounts, but they seem to work with her. I sympathize with pets and their boring dry food that tastes the same day after day. We humans would never eat the same thing ALL the time, so I'm all for jazzing things up with her. We've learned to limit even tiny amounts of human food that she likes (cheese, chicken or turkey, etc.). Our sweet girl gets the worst gas! But we still love her.
I started out my little Maggie Mae on Eukanuba and hated the way it smelled. After much researching on dog food and finding out just what is in it, I decided to put her on Wellness Puppy. She absolutely loves it and tries to get into the bag. It smells good and I just feel good about giving it to her. She has the most beautiful, shiny, coat and I get tons of compliments about her. She is a tri color. I also give her the Wellness puppy treats which smell like beef jerky. If she starts begging for food I give her baby carrots which she loves. Wellness is a more expensive food but nothing is too expensive for my baby. My husband laughs that the dog eats better than we do. LOL
charlie loves canidae all life stages!! he's been eating it out of his mothers bowl when he was 4 weeks old with his breeder. also the breeder has tried all different kinds of food, with various qualities and price range and found this was the best one. with all their dogs Canidae was the most preferred and the corgis pooped a lot less than with other brands.

Charlie loves that stuff so much that we use it for his meals and treats for when we train him or if he does something good.
He'll do anything for a kibble of canidae.


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