Ok...so I try to brush my corgi for a few minutes every day (when I'm home anyways, I live in ny, he lives w/ my parents in Mass)...brushing every day helps...to a point. Today I broke down and bought a $40 small furminator. I really didn't want to spend the money, it seems like an insane amount for a dog brush, but I just had to see for myself what I have been hearing from everyone else who has one....

oh. my. god. that is all i can say! normally, when you pat gizmo, loose fur comes off with every stroke.... I just spent about 5 minutes on him with the furminator, and no fur is coming off when I pat him now!! The size of fur ball on my living room rug looks like i shaved a golden retriever! haha Gizmo loved it, he sat there with a big smile on his face the whole time, so obviously it didnt hurt. You just will not know what it's like until you try one. it is UNBELIEVABLE. thats the only way i can describe it!!! And he even LOOKS better. He didnt look bad before at all, but I dont know what it is, he just looks BETTER now. I'm sure my mom will be happy she can cut back on vaccuming a little bit....


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not sure, we haven't even come close to that yet! But this is the first time I've used one, so someone with more experience might know. I'd guess that once the undercoat is brushed out it would only be the "regular" shedding... since I don't think there's really any time of "no" shedding
i dont know if it will ever stop removing hair completely...but i do know that the first time i used it, i got a lot more hair, a lot more quickly than the next time.... (dont get me wrong, there was still a lot the 2nd time, just not as much lol)
So, how often do you have to use the furminator? Once a week? I just bid on a medium sized one(since it has replaceable blades, the small one does not). Kyoshi sheds like there's no tomorrow and daily combing isn't helping much esp. with the summer around the corner!
we live in florida and do it once a week, once you go furminator, you won't use anything else, you can also find a furminator review video on this site.
The furminator does really work though. Great for corgis because of the fur. Do it outside of your house though. Fur flies everywhere!
This is the BEST THING EVER. Takes out all that fur that ends up all over your couch, floor, bed, etc. My new favorite toy!
could someone detail or share a video (released from any responsibility!) of you using the furminator on your corgi.I watched the video furminator has, and read instructions; I brushCourt with a bristle brush before if their are little tangles around the neck, but even if I try to go gentler, slower etc and he doesn't really like it.Gosh forbid I go anywhere near his hindquarters, he might even bare
his teeth (I can brush him almost anywhere if I go very slowly, with treats,
using the bristle brush). For eg. you start towards the far back, and brush length-ways (direction neck to tail) and incrementally brush in 'rows' closer to the neck until you reach the neck? do you go back at all, even once over a spot you've done already? what is the longest stroke (in inches for example you use?).
I'm looking for the appropriate and gentlest ways to use it, with details
of treats or anything else...the furminator takes off a lot, but I wonder
if you all still have a fair amount of shedding...I notice it, because like the rug
in the foto above, my living room rug is red patterned and shows everything...
I just got a 'Swivel Sweeper in the mail' (trying to find ways to clean
every couple days as needed without straining my back/lugging the vacuum).
It doesn't have suction but a very fast rpm. if I repeated empty the tray,
and go over an area that has a fair amount of hair, it will loosen it up
and get it...it is so light and is battery (rechargeable operated) and gets into
all kinds of places, so that is helping me...anyone else with back trouble
or limited time may find it helpful (I do not represent this 'company',
I simple have had fibromyalgia and have been working or making cleaning
as simple as possible. you can find it online. they had a special)
Leila and Court
Here's our member David and his review

Find more videos like this on MyCorgi.com
Thanks for being so dedicated Sam, I get afraid of doing
things for Court sometimes, and I can't tell you enough
how much this site and your responses have helped
me and still help me.
I will try what David did, have Court in my lap, and brush front
to back, and I think I need to accept that fur is still going to happen,
I don't mind so much, just thought I hadn't done the furminating correctly, now I have a live example.
Many thanks,
Leila and Court
The shedding treatment stuff is optional. Yes you can get the brush and use it by itself. You can help support this site by purchasing here.
I personally use a small size, because it gets tricky in the legs area. Get a medium size if you have other dogs that are larger than a corgi, it will be a good mutual one to use. The large one is simply too big, you'll have a hard time in tricky areas.
I bought one when Callie was going through a bad shedding phase and it worked. My mom was so amazed she went out and bought one for our cats (when they shed there is cat fur everywhere!) I absolutely love the Furmanator, Callie isn't a huge fan of it but I found if I brush her a little bit at a time she doesn't seem to mind as much.


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