We're learning to give Milo more healthy treats so he can lose some weight. I know rawhides, milkbones, and all the doggie cookies are very tasty for him. But, they tend to have higher calories.

Anyone ever bake some healthy dog treats?
Anyone give their dogs some fruits or healthy "human" food?

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I got really disgusted reading dog treat labels on the expensive processed "junk food for dogs". Not only hard to find anything not made in China, but the rest looked full of sugars (sucrose, dextrose, maltose...all the other "oses" LOL) and stuck together with wheat flour and gluten. Anyway, outside of Charlie's kibble, he only gets "human" food as treats.

I boil a whole package of chicken thighs (skinned), then dice them up into tiny pieces and freeze in cling wrap packets about 1-2 tablespoons. I mix a packet in with a bit of his kibble for training treats. Next time I think I'm going to try home-made oven dried unseasoned chicken or beef jerky. It should be less messy than the boiled chicken bits. He also can have a little bit of any fresh or frozen veggies I use. I set some aside for him before adding any salt to mine. He likes broccolli, carrots, green beans, sweet peas. Any fruits or veggies except onion are good (onions are toxic to dogs). On a rare occassion, he gets a dab of peanut butter as an incentive to learn a new trick, but again I don't care for the salt and sugar in processed peanut butter, so that's a rare treat.

A summertime treat recipe I've read and haven't tried is to mix half low-fat yogurt and half peanut butter and freeze in ice cube trays. Sounds delish! If I make them, I may have to have one too! Probably outside...they sound a little messy.
Bailey loves yogurt (i give him the nonfat plain kind - frozen into cubes). He also loves carrots and apples and homemade applesauce (no sugar nothng added - just apples and water - easy to make). Also, regular ole ice cubes seem to work great ( 0 calories! cant beat that!!!). I usually toss a baby carrot into each of the ice cube slots so he can see the ice cube when hes chasing it around on the floor. hehe. And yes, I'll give him a dab of peanut butter down and then. I've heard other things like pumpkin (good for coat and poo) and green beans too .

I read recently about jerky treats from China being equated to nuclear waste.. so i am so scared to give Bailey the rest of the duck jerky i bought - which ive been giving him since i got him. =T What do you think, Charlie - ive read horror stories online about kidney disease and failure. What's the recipe for homemade jerky? He'd LOVE that, and I'd feel so much better giving that to him.

I do give him the "Carry Outs" Beef chewy treats and Authority Liver Treats for our puppy class, cause they are easy to break into small pieces. He gets freeze dried liver when I'm training him NEW tricks.
I think the jerky treats you are thinking of are those "beggin strip" style treats that are completely overprocessed and have lots of weird ingredients. I treat my dogs with chicken jerky (occasionally duck, but its more expensive), which is just dried chicken breast, nothing else. They love it and they have to work at it awhile to eat it. Also Charlie Bears, very low call and SIdney loves the flavor. They don't crumble in your pocket the way many other cookies do.
I am referring to the meat jerky treats, not beggin strips. That stuff is loaded with poo (well not literally.. but yea). I don't feed Bailey those, but the dried chiken breasts, duck breasts, etc. Apparently they are made in China and are "irradiated" - meaning they were cooked with leftover nuclear rods, or something. i was reading horrors of kidney disease cases online after dogs consumed these. look at your packaging. If its made in China, it was probably cooked using the irradiation treatment.


whats your recipe to homemade jerky - just cook it until its dry it in the oven?!?!
That looks like a good recipe for dog treats! I haven't tried making jerky yet, but I found a lot of jerky recipes just typing in "jerky recipe" on Yahoo and Google. I just won't be adding salt or other seasonings for Charlie's treats. Might as well make an unseasoned batch for him and a seasoned batch for myself. Who doesn't like jerky??? : - )
Yuk! There ought to be a law!
really? i would love to read that article. it sounds a little crazy, not saying that it cant happen. i mean microwaves is technically irradiating your food isnt it? because you are radiating microwaves to boil the water in your food and cause it to cook quickly. i hope it isnt true.
Bil Jac is a better brand than most. By the time I found packaged treats with ingredients that I would put in Charlie's body, I was choking on the price per pound for the premium treats. LOL The Kronch treats that Sylvia wrote about are super-duper premium...all natural...100% fish. I bet any dog would go nuts for them!
You're right Charlie, haven't found a dog anywhere that did want to bite a hole in my pocket!!! They're what I use for "jackpots" in my clicker shaping training. One bag lasts me about 2-3 months.
I buy Lakse Kronch salmon treats. (They smell fishy, but taste great, I've had one!!!!) Made in Denmark, but imported by certain pet specialty stores, or you can order them online. Timmy also gets, Zukes mini naturals. They're made right here in the USA, really small in size (corgi size) and are semi moist.

Timmy only likes little bites of apple or banana, no veggies unless they're cooked, but will eat any kind of meat!!!!
Lance loves the natural balance treats. Do you take the skin off of the apple when you put it in the Kong?


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