Just thought I'd throw this out in a discussion... I have been wondering and I know others are too... is MyCorgi planning a 2013 12 Month Calendar?  I know the 365-day didn't work out, but that doesn't mean we don't all want to keep trying!!  Please Sam, don't give up on us now!!

REPLY BY SAM - Nov 18th

It's ON!!


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I am a little new to the calendar project, but I would want 2 - 3 (if it comes out) as gifts.

I don't mind my girl is not on it (since we are new )and will be happy to see whichever corgi is on since it must be somebody else's baby from our big corgi family, especially from this site.

I would respect what Sam has on the project at this point for 2013, and suggest to include more varieties for future years if the project carries on:-)

Count me and Butters in!  I'd love to have one.  I've had two corgi calendars for the past two years, but I'd much rather have one with "our own" corgis. :)

I would buy one or two. I can always find room in my budget for a mycorgi calendar...finding room on the walls of my tiny house is another story ;-)

All in favor, say I!

Tommy and I would be in too :)

Yes! Please make one!

We'll buy at least one.

I do like the idea of some format that would showcase more of us -- we had a weekly calendar years ago  that featured over 52 pages -- I realize that's a ton of work -- maybe we should delegate this to the dogs -- we're always bragging about how smart they are.  Sam's got his hands full running the site.

I'm not going to volunteer Gwynnie.  She always tries to install Linnux and crashes my system.

A labor-saving device might be to forgo voting and just let the editor pick & choose.  It's a lot easier to bribe an editor than it is to buy an election.  I think.

I agree!  Let the editors pick!  I will get two at least!

I would definitely buy at least one calendar if Sam chooses to print a 2013 calendar. I can understand his decision, either way.

ME WANT!!! :-) I love my mycorgi calendars! Very well made

I'd be in for 2... one for home and one for work!

If Sam builds it I will come!


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