Hey guys and gals, my pembroke is only 13 weeks old.. the problem is he seems pretty small for his age.. He weighs about 8.5 lbs. he just doesnt seem as big as some of the other corgis i can find in the same age group on youtube or google etc. he also at times seems un intrested in his food. he will eat most of his 2 meals per day, he gets about 1-1.5 cups of dry mixed with a half can of wet. and what worries me is that he doesnt eat any of his treats! i cant find one brand of treats or flavors that he likes.. hes playful at times, and other times he seems sad .. advice?

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This sounds very familiar.  Tegan weighed about 7 pounds when we brought her home at 10 weeks.  When we started puppy training at 11 weeks, there was another Pem there who was easily 1.5 times Tegan's size, but only one week older.  Tegan was also very on/off her food, and sometimes she looked sad to me.  I was worried, but when I took her in for her puppy wellness check at 11 weeks, the vet assured me she was very healthy.  Her appetite finally picked up when she was about 10 months old.  At around a year, she had a growth spurt, and is now pretty much the same size as the other corgis we get to play with.   If your vet says he is healthy, I wouldn't worry --  but you will, just like we did :).  We did feed Tegan three times a day until she was about 16 weeks.  Same amount, just spread it over more meals cause her little tummy couldn't hold all that much.  As far as treats, I just boiled chicken breasts and shredded them.  We tried a lot of different treats for her training, and she seemed to like plain chicken best.  You may have to experiment, but I'm sure you'll find something he loves.  Good luck!!!

thanks for the advice! i just today, found a brand of dry food that he rly likes, and theyre very small and ive been using them as training treats too, and hes responding very well. he also has rly taken to peanut butter, and some meats and cheeses we cook. very pumped about him finding treats he loves, bc he likes learnign tricks and training it makes him happy, and it was hard to modivate him without food he perfered.

Feed puppy plenty of good food... can't overfeed a puppy... cut back when adult if getting fat... spend lots of time with puppy, training, playing, training, exercising, training, loving, having fun.  Did I say 'training'? This thing has been in the universe for 13 weeks, don't worry too much, but have a blast, it don't last forever.  Nobody's gonna care if it's a small animal, as long as it's well-trained with a good, fun, loving relationship with its human persons.

there is a group for our small frame furkins. Itty Bitty Corgi's.   I have a 4yo girl who is little about 12# and about 10" tall.  Also have another about #20 and 12" tall.

Like was said before, if the puppy is considered healthy by the vet, do not worry.  Leena is 1 year and a month old, and she still weighs less than 25 lbs, 22 at last count.  She is healthy and pretty active.  Our vet acted like we were purposely under-feeding her when we would take her in when she was young, to keep her thin (which wasn't true!), but believe me, she gets a little more than the recommended daily intake of food and still won't gain a lot of weight.  Try not to worry too much about it.

Our Chepstow didn't eat well until after a year.  He didn't like treats either.  Then one day he looked in a short mirror and said "I am a corgi, food is my friend and love"  Since then he has been a great eater. Now we spend our time trying to keep him from being over weight. We remember fondly of those days trying to make him eat.



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