We're doing TWO calendars this year, regular wall size like last year AND 365 page a day version!


Here are this year's submission rules:

1. ONE photo PER member
2. Dogs only, no human or other pets
3. Horizontal photo ONLY
4. Jpg only *Minimum 2240 x 1792 pixel (4 mega pixel). 5MB Limit
5. Deadline Oct 16th 2011

6. Submit your pic HERE. (CLOSED)

Photo tips:

  1. Check out last year's winning photos
  2. Have a month / season / theme in mind
  3. Photos must be sharply focus (eg: eyes)
  4. Keep a simple background, avoid logo / brand, your dog will stand out more
  5. Make sure indoor photos are well lit
  6. Leave the photoshop work to us
  7. Be creative
  8. Get your camera and treats ready, have fun!


Upload may take a littler longer due to picture size, if it doesn't go through, let me know directly.


100% profit goes to corgi rescue as always.
Information on voting results, pricing, shipping dates will be announced in the coming weeks.
Semi-finalist picked, working on backend system, voting will start tonight. 
UPDATE: OCT 23rd Part II

  • You can cast your vote here. and spread the word via facebook.
  • Non MyCorgi.com member CAN also vote.
  • Pick the top 12 out of 17 semi-finalists.
  • Last day to vote OCT 30th.



I am half way done contacting all the people who submitted their photo, the other half will hear from me by the end of Friday. If you don't hear from my by Saturday, that means A: You are not MyCorgi.com member / B: You provided wrong member url info. I will be flying overseas this weekend, so I'll have no emails / message until next week.


All members who followed the photo requirements / re-submit proper replacement photo, will have at least ONE photo make it to the calendar. I will address those who missed the deadline next week.



 Hello corgi people! I managed to contact everyone who submitted photos, I think there's only a handful of people that I can't get a hold of due to incomplete / wrong info. 


Depending on the number of qualified photos received for the 365 calendar, those who missed the deadline may*** get a second chance to submit their photo (slots will be very limited). I'll make an announcement sometime next week.


Update on the wall calendar:

Thank you for voting, last day to vote is Oct 30th. Once the votes are in, we'll work on post production and get ready to print. Thanksgiving ETA is still on track.


Can you tell me who made the 365 calendar?

No, but I will - once the calendar is complete, please respect my inbox :)


NOV 22 update:

wall calendar available


The 365 calendar is still in the works, it should be done next week and send to the printer. 1000 - 3000 will be printed. ETA is before xmas. I will announce who made the 365 (366) calendar next week.

The 365 will be available here on MyCorgi.com, you will be able to purchase it via paypal / google checkout / visa / master. They will all be fulfilled by me personally.


Okay folks, I've got good news and bad news. 

Good News: I've got 2XX qualified photos for the 366 calendar, for those who missed the deadline, you are welcome to submit your photo with the above guidelines, email it to mycorgi.com@gmail.com subject: 365 calendar, make sure you provide your dog's name, city and state. As soon as we fill the 366 slot, it'll go into print

Bad News: Due to the number of qualified photos present, the 366 calendar will be delayed, at this point eta is Jan 2012 :( I am so sorry, I really wish we can make it before xmas.

I will update everyone when the 366 slot is filled. Hopefully soon.

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Have fun! Make sure you read the requirements and tips above!
love seeing all the pictures, I am not a good photographer but we sent one in anyway. 
Thank you for your support Laura!
I entered a photo and then realized it was 1024 not 2240 pixel. Is there a way to enter the same photo again with the appropriate size?
Thanks Melissa! Not a problem, we will pick the higher resolution one, higher the better!

Did you receive my photo of Koko, please  ?


Yes I did, thank you Yuen!

Decisions, decisions!   If I can throw in my two cents, I know you get inundated with pictures but my personal wish is that you'd accept 2 or 3 photos per member.   I never know what to send;  last year for instance I had a scenery shot with Corgis and then the calendar "theme" seemed to be almost all close-ups of Corgis.  So I was wishing I'd sent a close-up (knowing of course that it might not have been accepted either).   


I do understand you can only look through so many.  :-)

I have the same problem as you Beth...even if we could just have 2 it would make the selection much easier...I already regret sending the one I sent this year but I did it also because of the photos chosen last year...
I'm with you 2....but even if they allowed 2 or 3 photos I could have a hard time with that amount as well at times. LOL I love to get pictures of my guys when I have the time...I'm grateful my husband loves to play with the camera.

Oh, I'd still have trouble choosing too!   :-)     But at least I could say "This is my best close-up, and this is my best scenery shot" or something.  


I have a great autumn picture with foliage and a little, tiny Madison in the corner.  I never submit it because it's not really a Corgi shot; it's a foliage shot that happens to be accented by a Corgi.  If I could submit multiples I would send it in.   


Beaitful shot!!!



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