4 yr old red headed tri spayed female looking for new home in central MA

It is with a heavy heart the my husband and I have decided it would be in Molly's best interest to find her a new home.

Molly turned 4 years on on February 22. She is a redheaded Tri. She is registered with the AKC by the name Moldigaters Snickerdoodle. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. She weighs around 30 pounds. 

We love Molly to death, but she has some issues and we have a 4 month old, so we are unable to give Molly the attention she deserves. We are looking to place Molly in a home with older children and no other pets because of her dog reactive issues. She loves attention, to cuddle, and to go for walks. She knows several commands and is fully housebroken.

We live in the Worcester MA area. 

If you would like to know more about Molly or know someone else who may be interested in adopting her, send me a private message and I will share with you my contact information. 
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Beth is right about rescues.  When we got Arnie, our first corgi, we were told by the rescue that he might have bitten a toddler.  The people surrendering him had no proof other than the child was crying and the dog was near the child.  There were no marks on the child.  But because there was no actual proof that he had bitten the kid they were willing to place him in a home that had no small children otherwise they would not have taken him for placement.

I just wanted to give an update about Molly.  Thanks to a courtesy posting by Little Legs Rescue on the petfinder page, we were able to find a good home for Molly.  Molly was adopted by a couple in NJ with kids in their twenties and not other pets.  She seems happy and they have really taken to her.  They have had corgi's before and dogs with similar issues to Molly, so they should be prepared.  Thank you all for any help and suggestions given.

Glad she found a loving home!

Jessica I am so happy for you that everything worked out for Molly and she found a loving forever home!!!!

I am so happy to hear that Molly has a new home where they will love her and are able to handle her issues.  I know it broke your heart to have to make that decision but you did it with the best interest of everyone in mind..including Molly's.  Bless you.

Happy she found a good home.


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