Maddie has made it to her new forever home in Louisiana! It was very difficult, and there were (and still is) lots of tears, but I feel with all my heart that she is in the best of hands and that she will be appreciated, well taken care of, and most importantly loved by her new family. I want to thank you all for your concern, support, encouragement, and prayers. It really means a lot to know that there are so many out there who care, and I can't thank you enough.

I'm relocating to Alabama from Georgia for work and my worst fears have come true - I'm not able to take my girl Maddie with me. My parents would take her, but my dad is going through chemo so he can't even be around his own dog right now. She just celebrated her 6th birthday on June 20th and is such a sweetheart, however she is special needs, therefore it's harder for me to have to let her go.

Here's a little about her:

Name: Maddie

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Weight: 25 lbs.


Behavioral Information

Gets along with cats: She has lived with cats for years. She LOVES people, and 'tolerates' other animals. She's not aggressive, she just doesn't care what other animals around her do.

Gets along with dogs: Same as with cats. Because she's not in tip-top shape with her health, she would probably grumble a lot with puppies, however she's very intrigued by Corgi puppies.

Housebroken: Not exactly. She had a week-long seizure that caused her significant amounts of neurological damage, so house training comes and goes. I think she's better suited for outdoor living (she LOVES grass), but not free to roam all over. She needs a fenced in area or she'll get confused and wander away.

Walks on leash: Yes. She also is very good about walking off-leash and staying on your heels, but only in areas where there isn't much traffic of any kind, foot or vehicle. I walk her down our street when I let her go to the bathroom and she stays a few feet away from me at all times. She's very well behaved. Sometimes though you have to get her attention, and by doing this you have to snap your fingers. She responded best to this as a puppy, and it's really the only thing she responds to after her seizure.

Get along with all people: YES. She absolutely LOVES other people. Adults, children, it makes no difference - she is all about the attention.

Good with kids: Maybe with older children. Her ears have always had a lot of problems, and I know younger kids like to touch and pull on her ears and it really hurts her.


Personality: She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever owned or been around. My family got her for me as a way to help me cope with a very unfortunate situation, so she was raised with nothing but love. She isn't aggressive at all, and she loves to cuddle. Once again, she LOVES people of all kinds. She is very terrified of stairs (her lack of coordination plus her short legs have caused her to fall down several, so now she barely tries unless there are maybe 4 stairs to climb, and then you have to coax her to get her down them sometimes). Maddie is not a 'yappy' dog and never has been, which is probably one of my favorite things about her. She is very calm and chill, but she is also a little picky about her food, sometimes picking certain colors out and setting them in a pile before she eats the colors she wants. She eats like a cat where she picks on a bowl all day (but you have to make sure to tell her when to stop drinking or she'll forget - I'm not kidding), so I usually have her food bowl in "Pup Cave" which is her beloved crate.

1 Please list any health issues for this animal: Occasional seizures. Unsure of what may bring them on - used to be on medication but it turned her into a zombie, so we slowly took her off and she regained her quality of life. She hasn't had a seizure since Christmas, so they're very few and far between, but if she has one and you're home, she needs you to be there to sit with her and talk calmly to her so it can help her to calm down. She also has a lot of problems with her ears (yeast infections). I have to constantly wash them out and put drops in them, and she currently has a yeast infection on her body that I've been trying to treat but don't know how to get rid of it completely.


2 Is the animal possessive with food or toys? She really isn't so interested in toys, unless they're grunting hedgehogs (she gets one every year for Christmas/Birthday). She is usually okay with another animal stealing her toys if the dog is bigger than her, but I've still seen her try and protect what's hers on occasion. She's the same way with her food. Often times I have to sit with her to make sure she eats or she'll just let our other dog eat her bowl. She will eat out of spite on occasion, where she will literally stare at the other dog the entire time she is eating, and when she drinks out of the water bowl she positions herself over it and drinks from the back so that no other animal can drink while she's drinking (our cat and Rottweiler drink together all the time, but have to wait on her).


3 Is the animal playful with toys or balls? She used to be, but not so much anymore. I think she forgets. She does enjoy playing with sticks outside (one-sided fetch), and like I said earlier, her grunting hedgehog (she gets very excited when you honk it, but then will usually play with it for a few seconds and then go to sleep on it). She has never played tug of war, as much as I tried.


4 Please describe any bad habits: She can't retain housebreaking, but she knows when she does it inside that she's done something wrong and will often become aggressive to avoid any punishment (her punishment is having to lie on her back being told 'Don't move Maddie' because she loves Pup Cave and the bathroom too much for either to be considered for time out - but sometimes I just remove her blanket from PupCave and it clearly upsets her). If she uses the bathroom in the house, she will always use the bathroom in the same exact place every time. When people have wronged her, she will use the bathroom on/near their belongings or on the floor of the places they frequent (she did this to my roommate, who always said nasty things to her and did mean things to her when I wasn't around - she did the works: pee, poop, and throw up - at the doors to both his room and bathroom whenever he did something bad to her... it was a vicious cycle). She also has bad separation anxiety. I had to get PupCave for her because (and I videotaped this numerous times) the second I left to go somewhere, work, class, errands, she would use the bathroom on the floor regardless of if I had just taken her out or not. Her Cave helped this tremendously. She also takes a long time to go to the bathroom outside, often forgetting what she is supposed to be doing (this gets frustrating when she does this after the 27th circle). Last thing, she like to eat herself. I don't know if this is what caused the yeast infection or what, but her breath is really bad, so when she chews on herself (sometimes to the point of breaking skin - I've had this checked out by vets, it's part of her neurological damage), it will sometimes turn into a medical issue if you don't clean it and wrap it until it heals. To help with this I put her in baby onesies during the winter and her skin is so much better. She's also a very dramatic actress and will often feign a problem to get extra attention - this is usually when there is a new person in the room. Basically, she 'cries wolf' a lot, so it's hard to tell if something is actually wrong until it's almost too late.


5 Please list any good traits: She is the most loving and caring girl. She doesn't chew on things she shouldn't, but she lays on things she probably shouldn't. The only thing she wants from this world is to be loved, and she will follow on your heels 24/7 and be right with you at all times if you let her.


6 Which commands does this animal know? Sit, 'Gimme kisses' and 'Don't move Maddie'


7 Was this animal neglected, abused or abandoned? Not at all.


8 Has the animal ever bitten someone? Please describe the circumstances: Maddie has bitten people ONLY when she's been cornered and the person kept trying to get her out of the corner, but did so with aggression. And it's more of a nip - her bites (playful only) don't hurt, her nips are rough. She does this most if she's used the bathroom in the house (the only time she does anything that requires punishment), and she makes a beeline to PupCave. She knows she can't be in there at that point, and if you don't talk to her calmly, she will back up in the corner and nip at you very quickly.


9 How many owners has this dog had? Primarily just me. My mom kept her for a few months after her seizure-fit so I could get my focus back on school, and I've had two serious relationships where she considered my boyfriends as authority figures second to myself.


10 Where is the animal located now? We are currently living in Savannah, Georgia, but she is soon to be in Eastman, Georgia - I can't take her to Alabama with me and my parents can't keep her for long.

Maddie has tested my patience over the years, but it has been worth it. I am beyond upset by the fact that I have to try and find her a new home, but I can no longer provide her with the care and time that she needs. I understand that because she is special needs and mentally impaired it will be slightly more difficult for someone to have to take care of her, but I promise you she is worth every bit of it. She's very easy to take care of, she just needs an eye to watch out for her and someone who loves her to let her know that she's safe. If you or anybody you know is interested in her, please contact me via email at jennibrown63@gmail.com. I check my email several times daily and promise I will respond very quickly. Also, if you have any other questions for me I will be more than happy to answer.

Maddie will go to her new home with PupCave and towels, a new grunty hedgehog, a bag of her favorite dog food, some of her medications, and I will do what I can to provide you with medical records. I ask for no money in return, just a promise that she will be loved and looked after.

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Good luck...I have been very lucky placing my retired dogs. Maybe a younger retired couple? Post numerous times and in your groups too. Don't give up it might take awhile:)

Thanks. Unfortunately I don't have very long to figure it out... :'(

Try finding a corgi rescue as a back-up?

Thanks, I made a post on one earlier this morning.

I wish you the best in finding a loving, caring home for your girl. 

Thank you, I'm keeping my fingers crossed


This is the rescue group for Florida. You're close enough someone might drive for the right puppy. Good Luck with finding a forever home for your girl.

It'd be a good drive, that's for sure. I'll look into it. I'm just worried that with the way she is it's going to be incredibly difficult to find a home willing to take her. I don't want to leave her at a shelter, but if I can't find someone soon I'm afraid she may have to be put down and it just breaks my heart...

Why would she have to be put down? Find a corgi rescue. It's not rocket science.

I'm quite aware of that fact, thank you.
The reason is because there several people who want corgis, but not many who can take on special needs cases, and she has enough problems to be considered special needs. I've reached out to several groups and rescues, but things happen. I'm trying to keep her out of shelters and such and in my care as long as possible to prevent her from being in one of these places, where in most cases being put down is only a matter of time. It's not rocket science, and I'd much appreciate it if you would refrain from the negativity and smart remarks as this is a very difficult thing for me to handle.

This just breaks my heart, I feel so bad for your situation.  Best of luck to you in finding your beautiful girl a new home.

Thank you very much. It's been really difficult in all manners of the word.


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