Does anyone else have a lazy Corgi? I swear my youngest is lazy, he even sits while he eats! Butterball loves to go for walks and runs,but not Baxter! I started walking Baxter down the block and half way he stopped, sat down and just looked at me. Then he got up and started heading back! He mosies everywhere he goes, his full speed is a slow walk! He reminds me of Eyore from Winnie the Pooh! Vet says he's healthy as a horse, so it's not a medical issue. He does play and wrestle with Butterball but he does not like to run a lot or take long walks. I always thought Corgi's were dogs full of energy like our Butterball, but apparently this little guy takes aafter his mom! (ME) and prefers sunning himself in the back yard instead of running laps!

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Nope..Leo is a wild man. He gets to running so fast some times I think he will crash and burn. Today it is cold and rainy and since Randy left he has been napping, but we did get up around 3:30 am so I can relate. Usually he is non-stop. Maybe Baxter is saving energy for some amazing feat that no one has detected yet. You can never tell what plans these smart little guys have in mind.
LOL My oldest is like your Leo he gets going and has on several occasions been so hyped he tried to stop and crashes in to the door or wall!
My girl is pretty laid back but I wouldn't say she's lazy. She runs around and herds the kids in the backyard and loves going for walks but she does have a very calm side to her. She has eaten lying down which had me worried thinking something was wrong with her but I was quick to find out (and a dollar shorter LOL) that she was just fine.
I am thinking that that is just Baxter's personality.
I agree I think it is his personality, and don't get me wrong I am not complaining, it is actually very cute when you ask him if he wants to go outside and he just kind of perks his ears up, does a stretch, then mosies over to the back door. He sometimes act as if waking him up is such a bother ,he gives me this look like "really mom, must you disturb me"! It's very cute!
A lazy corgi?
We've had at least 1 corgi for 13 years. They have never ONCE vacuumed, swept the floors, fed the cat, sorted the laundry, done the taxes, or ANY of the myriad other chores I've wanted them to do. At most, they clean a few dishes and small spots off the kitchen floor, and help me return books to the library.
And I thought these were supposed to be "working dogs"!

They are 125% excellent Companion Animals, but ask them to do any housework or simple paperwork, and all I get is this doleful look that says, "Not in my Job Description."
LOL Well both dogs eat the cats food, leave hair on the floor, climb up on the laundry while I am sorting it, and chase and bark at the vaccum! BUT they are very good helpers when my children spill things, they are the best floor cleaners there are, especially if it's a cereal spill they track down every last bit!
Mine has a chore. She never fails, and she's very thorough!!! She picks up any food that might fall from my 1 and 4 year old.

Haha!  We don't have kids but mine will spend several minutes combing the floor for crumbs after any meal that we prepare.  

I claim that I will never have to wash the kitchen floor as Penny keeps it well licked.

We have taught Edison to fetch any empty Tupperware that he has licked clean and bring it to the human in the kitchen.  We have not yet managed to convince him to load and run the dishwasher, but give us time.  :D

well they are herding dogs. Perhaps if we could get the laundry to wander around and moo then they would herd them. Mine settle for trying to herd the cat, who of course will not co-operate.

Oooo...I wish mine was a little more laid back than he is but he love to run. (I have a corgi mix but mostly corgi.) He does like to take short breaks in between, and when he does that I think "oh boy, rest time," but a few moment later he's back into action! :)


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