I've been scanning the lost/stray pets at my local shelters and last week I ran across a purebred corgi. In my area corgis in shelters are very very rare, let alone purebred corgis. I called the shelter and found out the release date was today. Nobody claimed him during his 8 day stray hold at the shelter so today I bailed him out! He is the sweetest boy! Very submissive and mellow, friendly, and its clear somebody did a good job with his training. He hopped right in my car and settled down in the back seat for the ride home, knows sit, down, and stay, and appears potty trained. I already had a home in mind for him (I have a few friends looking for corgis and he fit what one of my friends is looking for exactly). I was a little disappointed I already had a home set up for him because he came right into my house went right to the back door to be let out to potty, then came immediately back in and jumped up on the couch and took a nap like he's been living here forever. He pretty much ignored Franklin and has a very gentle way about him. My friend sure got lucky with him! I guess its better I already had a home set up since Franklin seemed a bit jealous when I brought home a new dog and he stuck awfully close to me after I delivered him to his new home. But oh man that face, it melted my heart!  I'm so happy my co-worker ended up with him so he and Frank can have play dates once he's settled in. Its going to be a Merry Christmas for both her and this sweet little boy.

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Yeah I'm not sure his story. He was not neutered so maybe he wandered off. He had a collar and leash though which makes me think he was tied out in front of the shelter. Wish he could tell me

Hmm... such a well-behaved, house-trained dog wasn't picked up at the shelter? That just seems... odd. I think John's suggestion is worth looking in to - many microchips migrate/fail to give a signal/aren't renewed on time. While I am "glad" that he may have a new home, his old one may be distraught and looking for him but in the wrong areas (especially if he ended up drifting).

I am constantly looking for lost corgis and tend to post on Craigslist any ones I see
In shelters. Nobody claimed him. Not sure how to pursue a possible owner when he was not microchipped and nobody called our shelters reporting a lost corgi or claimed him after 8 days. I would think the first thing you would do with a lost dog is contact local shelters.

That's just so mind-boggling! I echo your wish to hear his story. He is so... perfect!

I'm wondering if his mellowness is due to the fact that he was just diagnosed with pneumonia. You can tell he doesn't feel good but it seems deeper than that. Kirby was horribly sick when I got him and was a wonderful boy the first few weeks I had him then he got better and the fun began lol. I have a feeling though that he is a sweet mellow guy.

A happy ending for all!  Bless you for finding him his forever home at Christmas!

awww. Cute. what a good Christmas for all! :)

Oh my gosh !  What a sweet, sweet Corgi.  What a wonderful heart you have to have taken him in. We rescued a mix breed this summer and she was so sweet and friendly and was wonderful in the house and got along nicely with our dogs in the yard and in the house.  We definitely couldn't keep her but we found a wonderful family who took her in, got her spayed and chipped and they loved her dearly.  There's so much emotion involved with fostering a pup and getting them to a good family, but it's worth it. 

Could be that if he had a home the people don't really care:( I had a corgi I helped find a home from a local humane society and the owner didn't call the humane society for over a month...better for the dog to be in a home where he's loved than a home that doesn't bother to look for him. If I lost a corgi I would be everywhere looking and place ads on a radio station too!!!!!

other scenarios:  a non-local dog, lost by a family traveling?  unlikely.

possibly an older, non-tech-savvy owner who maybe fell ill or died?  The family may have been too distraught or occupied to try to rehome, and surrendered it to the shelter.

Luckily the dog was smart enough to find you.

I wonder about the ill or possibly foreclosed owner. Our shelters are set up for both tech savvy and non tech savvy folks so u can call, visit, or go online for a lost dog. They will even take a description of you dog and call if anything matching comes in. Seems there are a ton of foreclosures in my area though and we are frequently seeing really nice dogs left behind when owners move. I think it's too difficult for them to drop the dog at a shelter so they just leave it in the old home for somebody else to deal with. The vet I work at is the vet for city animal control so we see situations like this often. It's so sad. I always wonder what the story is when we see corgis where I'm at since they just don't show up in shelters. Wonder if an animal communicator would have any insight, wouldn't that be interesting

Melissa that is so awesome that you saved him!  What a handsome, handsome, boy.  I am so shocked that someone did not claim him, I agree with you, I wish he could tell you!


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