Hi.  Yesterday Abbey had an appointment to be spayed.  She is back home and doing well.  For two weeks she has strict orders (from Dr P) not to jump, or run, no wrestling with dad every night until she heals completely.  When she goes out to relieve herself we have to put her on a short leash, and back inside immediately.  I was really surprised when I went to get her that she was so alert and active.  She has drank lots of water this evening, and has a good appetite. Mostly she lays on her pallet...but I know as the days progress and she begins to feel better we are going to have our hands full trying to keep her less active.  I don't want to do anything that will cause her to injury herself. 

Dr. P said she weighs 12# and will be 4 months old tomorrow.  I am thankful that everything went well and there were no complications. 

Thank you all for being truly concerned about each of our pets, whether they be corgis, or another breed of dog.  Your friendship really touches me.....

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It is great everything went well. Really be careful to moniter her for the first couple weeks. Dogs (especially corgis) rarely slow down due to pain!

I hope she recovers quickly!

thanks, rae.  I hope so, too.

Hi Anne. Glad to hear that Abbey is doing so well. My Emma, who is 6 months old, was spayed yesterday. She is doing well today, I having been keeping her in her crate except for feeding and potty breaks. I am concerned about her pulling on her stitches when they start to heal & itch in the coming days. We bought an E collar for her, but she really hated it when we tried it on her at the pet store. My vet said some people put a T-shirt on their dog. My breeder says only use the E Collar when she is in her crate unsupervised. Do you or anyone else out there have any ideas of how to keep her from the stitches? Greatly appreicate any help. I'm a first time Corgi owner.

Hi, Carol.  I am really doing the same for Abbey that you are doing for Emma.  I,too, am a first time corgi owner.  We have had male dogs neutered, but never  a female spayed until Abbey.  Our vet calls and checks on Abbey everyday, so if I have questions I am encouraged to ask.  This morning I did ask about her pulling at her stitches (which gratefully she is not right now).  They said that some is normal and not harmful, but if I see her getting agressive with her stitches to call them.  She did tell me to give Abbey benadryl to keep her calm.  So for now that is allm doing.....I may try the T-shirt if needed. 

Abbey is a very hyper pup, and being in her crate alot is new to her.  The only time she goes in the crate is bed time and if hubby and I go to town.  She loves the outdoors, so when I take her out to relieve herself she wants to jump and run...so I keep a short leash on her.  Be glad when this healing process is over!  Good luck with Emma, I hope she does well.  And thank you for the friend request.  I accept!!!! lol

Thank you for responding. These Corgi's are great aren't they? Your little girl is young enough that if you can get her use to the crate, even when you are at home, you will greatly benefit from it. If I am doing something where i can't watch her she goes into her crate, even if it's only for a few minutes. I throw a dog treat into her crate and she goes right in. With the short stays in the crate, she is always willing and really likes it. We keep the door open when not in use and she goes in and out on her own and lays down. It's her santuary. Best of luck with Abbey. She is a cutie!
Hi Anne,
How is Abbey doing after the spay? Emma is back to her old self, but she is having to pee more often. To the point that she is having little accidents in the house, She was not doing that before the spay. She is able to hold it while in her crate at night, but during the day is another story. I read that this is common after a surgery but I am calling the vet this morning to make sure shes ok.
Hope Abbey is feeling better soon!!! :)

Our Holli got spayed at 6 mos. She was slow the rest of the day when we brought her home...but I think that was a result of the anesthetics left in her system. After that she was back to normal but we were strict about keeping her in her kennel unless she had to go out to go potty for the first week. The second week we allowed her to play a little more but kept a close eye on her. At first she would occasionally try to lick her stitches but with a simple "Uh uh" she would stop. We didn't need to use an E-collar. I think the pain meds for the first week worked wonders...but I'm not a Corgi so I don't know ;)


Good luck with that keeping her quiet thing. I'm always surprised by how quickly some dogs perk up after their surgery. That makes it even more challenging to keep them down. I did tell my little girl to stop jumping and running, but she wouldn't listen. :(

As for the stitches, keeping them dry is important,especially if they are dissolvable, so be sure to avoid snow if you can. Her tummy is really close to the ground. If she doesn't like her cone, try a baby's onesie, the one piece T-shirt and diaper cover. Those work really well.

thank you Julia.  Thankfully we have no children in the house to entice Abbey to jump and run.  And it seldom snows in MS.....and we have not had to use a cone...yet.  She is really doing very well, so far.  I appreciate your input. thanks


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