I apologize if this is in the wrong section, first of all!  Wasn't sure where to put it.

Anyway, hey everyone!  I'm an employee of a small pet shop and in my downtime at work I've learned a lot about dog nutrition, food ingredients, protein levels, etc.  Currently I feed my corgi Nutrisource brand Chicken and Rice formula (not containing any corn and whatnot, but not as high protein as a grain free- her stomach can't handle a lot of protein).  Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know something I noticed- Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice is an excellent food, but about 10-15 US$ more expensive than Nutrisource Chicken and Rice.  I compared, and the all the main ingredients are absolutely the same, PLUS Nutrisource has NEVER had a health recall, and accepts competitor frequent purchase plans (also, it's not one of those annoying ones where you clip the UPC and all that jazz).

If you have access to a pet shop selling this food, check them out- most can offer free samples, with coupons and such attached.  It's a super similar formula for such a great price.  I'm no representative or anything, but many customers have been shocked about the price difference and are very pleased about it.  Nutrisource also has Lamb and Rice, Weight Management, Senior, and several Grain Free formulas- all for a great price, especially for the quality.  Just trying to spread the word!!

Here's the DogFoodAdvisor Link

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I have also looked at all the new items Nutrisource has. We can still get Canidea cheaper through my vet but love to pick up the samples for treats and I would consider this. Livvy was on this as a pup.


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