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I've been trying to work on Toady's aggression issues. I think part of it is because he is possessive of me and doesn't want other dogs stealing his spot or attention. He also seems to be somewhat food aggressive. After he acts up I put him in a time out spot and bring the other dog to me or in the area to show him he isnt boss.  


Toady is also wary with strangers, he wouldnt bite but he gives of a mean sounding bark if they come near him. He is fine with other dogs we encounter on walks. He seems fearful of objects( cones, boulders) and I am also trying to desensitize him to them.  I have no idea where I messed up! He has been around people and dogs since he was a puppy and my other dog cosmo grew up in an almost identical environment. I know they are not the same but the differences are crazy.

Has anyone ever dealt with this? any advice?



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Have you tried obedience classes? Corgis often are bossy dogs (a trait much desired when herding cows) and need consistent, positive training. Also, google Nothing In Life Is Free and incorporate as much of it as possible in your daily life. It is a relatively simple program designed to put you back in charge. As for showing fearfulness of certain objects I have had good luck with being as calm as possible and just moving by them. You could try giving treats as you go by to change his focus.

Sparty had a brief food aggression problem and a trainer suggested bringing half his food in my hands to him. Then as he started to eat return with the other half. If he growled or reacted badly, back away with the food.Do this until you are welcomed.  It took him one meal on half rations to start seeing me as the "bringer of food" and welcome my touching his dish. Even my little grandsons can crawl over by his dish with no problems. If it is aggression towards your other dog, I would be sure to feed them in separate areas of the room and not allow interaction when one is eating. Corgis do usually need training. If they think no one is in charge they will try to take over and that is not healthy for any one.

Thanks!  I will definitely try to implement NILF.  I will also start carrying treats around, hopefully I will be able to distract him.


His food aggression is with my boyfriends/friends dogs( luckily my other dog cosmo doesnt experience his aggressive behavior), I do separate during feedings but he also guards his area( with and empty bowl) and then tries to steal their food. I will try some methods for a while and see if they help, if not i guess its time for a trainer!



Jennifer, I pick up the bowls after they are done eating so there is no confusion. Our Dobe gets considerably more food than the corgis so takes a lot longer to eat. I had to watch Sparty carefully to keep him from going after her food. Fortunately she is a wuss or Sparty would probably have been hurt badly. 70 lbs vs 28 lbs= dead corgi I think.  Over Christmas while we had a houseful of guests he decided to take her food even though it had been a couple years with no problem. I had to watch him for about 2 weeks after in order to convince him that theft of her food was not OK. I would have tied him up or crated him while feeding if he did not stop. It is not easy to convince a food obsessed dominant dog to leave other dogs alone while they are eating. You really have to be in charge to stop it. Good luck with NILF, it is interesting how seemingly simple things have such meaning to our dogs.


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